Gaslighting: “Conspiracy Theories” Already Proven True In 2023

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Authored by Marie Hawthorne via The Organic Prepper blog,

Preppers get called conspiracy theorists a lot. It’s supposed to be demeaning, but considering how many conspiracy theories have been proven correct lately, I no longer consider it an insult. The more time goes by, the more “conspiracy theorists” just seem ahead of the game.

Quite a few “conspiracy theories” have recently come to light as actual facts in 2023 already. And it’s only the beginning of March.

Let’s look at a recent batch of “conspiracy theories” that aren’t really theories any more.

Gas stoves in peril?
In January, the OP ran a story about the potential ban on gas stoves. Naturally, the mainstream media poo-poohed the idea that the government would do something like that. The New York Times insisted that “No, Biden is Not Trying to Ban Gas Stoves.” CNN likewise claimed Biden didn’t want to ban the stoves NPR dismissed the thought of banning gas stoves as a right-wing, culture war stunt.

Well, maybe they’re not going to outright ban gas stoves. . . but the Department of Energy is proposing new efficiency standards that will make approximately half the gas stoves on the market no longer available. So, technically this isn’t a ban, but regulating gas stoves out of existence has the exact same effect.

This is particularly problematic for anyone with fairly new models. Newer appliances are made to break down within about ten years. Anyone who’s been a homeowner for more than a decade knows this. If appliances are made to only last ten years or so, the government doesn’t need to conduct some dramatic midnight raid to steal your stove. All they have to do is wait. Within ten years, most people will have to replace their stoves anyway, and at that point, very few, if any, gas stoves will still be on the market.

Nope, it’s not just a theory. They really do want to get rid of gas stoves.

Covid origins?
And in other Department of Energy news, the agency recently came to the conclusion that Covid probably did come from a lab. The findings were part of a classified report, which the government agency shared with the Wall Street Journal last weekend.


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