A Familiar Brand of BS from Former DOJ Lawyer, Turned New York Rep, Dan Goldman

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by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com

I did not get to watch the House Judiciary Subcommittee testimony in real time because, well, life interrupts.  However, I am catching up this evening.  I find myself needing to draw attention to a particular brand of familiar bullsh*t from former DOJ Lawyer and current New York Freshman Representative Daniel Goldman.

In the exchange below, prompted to 10:55, notice how weasel Goldman posits the Mueller/Weissmann Special Counsel Russian indictments as some form of evidence that Russia (a) interfered in the election, and that Russia (b) hacked and dumped the DNC emails in 2016; neither of which is factually accurate….. but he blathers on.

Unfortunately, Taibbi and Shellenberger were not deep enough in the weeds back in 2018 to appropriately skewer Dan Goldman with the verbal takedown he deserved.  What Goldman is saying is ridiculous, and he counts on people not knowing the details of the Mueller/Weissmann schemes.

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein held two big press conferences announcing indictments of Russian actors in 2018.  One in February and one in July, both at critical moments for the fraudulent cover operation being done by Mueller. [Citation Here – And HERE – And Here]

These are the “indictments” Goldman cites. However, the indictments were sealed within the DOJ-National Security Division, specifically so that no one could deconstruct them.  Goldman is asking Taibbi to read indictments that are not even possible to see. They never were.  The only thing the public saw were Weissmann and team’s descriptions of the claims within the indictments we were never permitted to review…. because, well, national security. 

Insert the familiar and hilarious case of the Russian Concord Catering Company that was indicted.  Yes, Mueller/Weissmann actually indicted a place that makes ham sandwiches.   The correct “Concord” company eventually took the DOJ case to court and made fun of the stupid Amerikans so much the DOJ ended up dropping the case while claiming they would have to put national security at risk (sources and methods) if they took the case to trial.

In February 2018, they needed a big presser to get away from the Senator Warner texts with Adam Waldman (Oleg Deripaska, Dan Jones, Chris Steele et al), while simultaneously trying to run an operation to deflect attention from the FBI discovery of SSCI Security Director James Wolfe and his leaking of the FISA application.  The February Russian indictments were intended to: (a) suck oxygen, (b) deflect from a collapsing Trump-Russia narrative (Nunes Memo), and (c) prop up the Mueller probe.

The July 2018 indictments of Russian Intelligence Officials, was even worse.  This set [READ HERE] evaporated immediately following the press conference.  The media ran with the narrative, yet there was nothing public that would ever support the indictments… because, national security.   Seeing a pattern?

This is in the same July 2018 when the Mueller team publicly released the Carter Page FISA application, again another distraction and first ever release of a Top Secret Compartmented FISA warrant {eyeroll here}… that was already in the media hands from the soon to be made public James Wolfe indictment.   This is the exact same time when the Mueller team told the FISA court that the predicate for the FISA warrant was structurally sound.  It wasn’t.

Both the February and July 2018 Russian indictments were indictments (accusations) in name only.  None of it was pursued except by the Russian Concord group who wanted to go to court to embarrass the Mueller probe… which was the real motive for the DOJ dropping it.  Daniel Goldman knows all of this.

The great pretending continues….

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