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by William A. Jacobson at

It’s all to common for intolerant intellectually-closed-minded and emotionally insecure students to shout down speakers. It’s practically an art form at this point.

Increasingly, it’s happening at law schools, such as when Yale law students went bezerk to stop a visiting conservative lawyer from Alliance Defending Freedom from participating in a debate.

I can’t recall a visiting Judge being shouted down at a law school.

But yesterday that happened at Stanford Law School, where law students shouted down and prevented Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan at a scheduled event on topic of “The Fifth Circuit in Conversation with the Supreme Court: Covid, Guns, and Twitter.” And what’s worse, law school administrators were complicit and egged on the disruption. Associate Dean for DEI Tirien Steinbachtook the stage and berated the Judge.

Judge Duncan event at Stanford from Ethics and Public Policy Center on Vimeo.

What a disgrace. But to be expected in the poisonous DEI bureucratic culture that has emerged in higher ed.


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