Mexico’s President Threatens To Interfere In Americas Elections, Here’s Why…


by Heather Allen at

As the United States acknowledges that it is time to act and stop the cartels from smuggling loads of fentanyl across the U.S. – Mexico border, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador does not like the U.S. calling out the drug crises or placing any blame on Mexico. He is threatening to actively interfere in U.S. elections. Lopez-Obrador has warned that he will launch an “information campaign” against Republicans,

Starting today, we are going to start an information campaign for Mexicans who live and work in the United States and for all Hispanics to inform them of what we are doing in Mexico and how this initiative by the Republicans, in addition to being irresponsible, is an offense against the people of Mexico, a lack of respect for our independence, our sovereignty,” he said.

Adding, “And if they do not change their attitude and think that they are going to use Mexico for their propaganda, electoral, and political purposes, we are going to call for them not to vote for that party because it is interventionist, inhumane, hypocritical, and corrupt,” Lopez Obrador added Mexico would be insisting “not one vote” would go to Republicans from Mexicans and Hispanics.

The response comes after Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called for the U.S. to go after the Mexican drug cartels Wednesday, saying,

We’re going to unleash the fury and might of the United States against these cartels. We’re going to destroy their business model and their lifestyle because our national security and the security of the United States as a whole depends on us taking decisive action.”

The first Mexican-born congresswoman, Republican Mayra Flores, pointed out the hypocrisy of the Mexican president’s statement. Democrats are taking an even more aggressive stance against Mexican leadership. She tweeted, “The President of Mexico said yesterday he would campaign against Republicans wanting to label the cartel as a terrorist organization. Meanwhile, House Democrats are asking @SecMayorkas to strip away Mexican elected officials’ U.S. visas.

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