Neil Oliver Laments the Current State of Affairs Against the Backdrop of Hollywood Movie Scripts – The Bloom Is Off the Ruse

Neil Oliver The Bloom is off the Ruse

by Sundance at

In his weekly monologue, U.K pundit Neil Oliver takes the occasion of the 2023 Hollywood Oscar film awards to overlay the current state of theatrical horsepucky from the professionally political.

As the COVID-19 narrative collapses around them, the rulers who justified their fiats under false pretenses are naked to the sunlight of truth. The people are awake; the lies are easy to see; the gig is up; the bloom is off the ruse… We are watching, and the elites are not comfortable now.

 Brace yourselves for the latest from La-La-Land. It’s the Oscars this weekend, another ceremony I used to care about in the world of before.

But for those who feel like we’ve been trapped for the past three years watching a bad movie with an unbelievable script, full of gaping plot holes and bad actors, I can tell you we’ve at least reached a good bit. Not the end, by any means, but perhaps a foretaste of comeuppance yet to be.

After the opening sequence the introduction of the characters establishing who were to be the goodies and baddies, after the setup and then the jeopardy and the darkness when all seems lost we’ve got to one of those bits where the audience leans forward in their seats in expectation of some payback, however slight and however brief. Anything to lift the mood.

I knew we had reached a good bit when I started hearing people talk about “limited hangout”. Have you noticed that term, yet? Limited hangout is more jargon, of course, spy talk this time, from the CIA and the rest of the secret squirrels, for what baddies try and do when they know, as we say in Scotland, that the game’s a bogey means the game is up and those fraudsters and tricksters and over-acting villains inside their hollowed-out volcanoes realise they might well have been rumbled and so start reaching for the back-up plan.

Limited hangout is a short-term fix when the baddies realise their trousers are starting to fall down. They’re not quite around their ankles but some stuff is definitely exposed and so those chancers are forced into buying some time while they try to pull themselves back together and keep going without falling over completely.

What we’ve been handed this past week or so all the high-excitement newspaper revelations are obviously what the baddies regard as the least damaging truth about what they’ve been up to, mere tidbits really, embarrassing but still the least of it. What’s been made visible to us now on account of the baddies’ zips being down, is therefore a limited hangout.

I will come back to the movie analogy in a minute but let me digress.


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