Troubling Surprises During Fulton Board of Elections Testimony

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The Fulton Board of Elections convened a hearing yesterday to examine thousands of challenges to voter registrations which had been compiled by Fulton citizens over several months of work.

The Board made several comments regarding their confidence in their voter roll maintenance process, yet following the hearing the Board announced a new program designed to clean the voter rolls. This left many asking why this would be needed if the rolls were being properly maintained?

In surprising statements from several people who had received challenges, they spoke of finding their voter information incorrect, took steps to correct it, then found it had been changed again at a later date. Other citizens reported reaching out to the Election Board and after leaving messages receiving no call back and no response to emails.

Perhaps even more troubling is the lack of attention received from the Board and from the Secretary of State’s office.

The Georgia Record has received copies of internal correspondence between Fulton County Interim Elections Director, Nadine Williams, and Secretary of States office Chief Investigator, Sara Koth. In her email of September 19, 2022,

Ms. Koth confirms that there will be no investigation on the complaints asserted by Jason Frazier, a Fulton County citizen.

One day later on September 20, 2022, Ms. Williams forwarded Ms. Roth’s email to the full Board thereby providing visibility that there would be no investigation on the complaints by the Secretary of State’s office.

Why would the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger’s office dismiss any attempt at investigation of complaints against Fulton County Board of Elections given the many prior reports of anomalies and errors dated back all the way to the 2020 elections?

In a fascinating contrast, while Fulton County was holding their hearing and announcing their new program to clean their rolls, Raffensperger was a doubling-down on working with ERIC and claiming that Georgia’s voter rolls were the cleanest in the Country.

The re-commitment to using ERIC comes after nearly 20% of ERIC member-states have suspended their agreements or signaled imminent departure. This revolt away from ERIC has been in part driven by wide-spread complaints, along with Alabama Secretary of State, Wes Allen’s recent visit to ERIC HQ, in Washington DC, where, on arrival, he found no personnel, and no servers.

Taken together, these things simply add to Georgia voters confusion and concerns. Why is evidence being disputed or overlooked? Why the aversion to investigating claims of errors and mistakes?

It will be interesting to see of Mr. Raffensperger’s office offers any insight in the coming days or if they attempt to turn the focus in other directions.

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