Did Silicon Valley Bank Collapse From Barriers Created By EPA Diversity Efforts?


by conorcoughlin.substack.com

  • President George H W Bush was the former CIA Director that created the EPA ENERGY STAR program in 1992, arguably the most corrupt federal agency in history that was set up from the get-do to be a money-making operation for a select group of public/private partnerships. Those super-rich green crusaders hid behind diversity programs at top universities that had concocted the F*ck The Police movement, which were then used to erect barriers to anyone not willing to accept their double-standards in the application of all laws, science and energy policies for the pursuit of prosperity from a federal policy known as Market Transformation. These EPA partners did not pursue profits, because that would assume they were marketing products for sale in some type of arms-length transaction. This group preferred to use Orwellian double-speak to turn logic on its head, then claim their delusional beliefs were providing a real financial benefit to society. In reality, the EPA had effectively adopted the old “perpetual wars, for perpetual profits” business strategy for their green agenda, using the government-mandated ENERGY STAR program for their endless war on truth. In 1993, the Clinton administration had mandated that all government agencies purchase EPA-approved products and services, which came with a demand that Americans believe that ENERGY STAR was providing clear, credible and unbiased information that allowed citizens to make well-informed decisions. That was a lie, and absolutely no evidence was provide to support any of their claims. That mandate began the largest Pay-To-Play in history, which has run up our National Debt by tens of trillions of dollars.In January of 2023, the EPA announced that Samsung, a South Korean corporation had the first mass-marketed Smart Home Energy Management System to earn the EPA’s totally worthless ENERGY STAR certification. But somehow a Smart Gird product line that could be worth potentially trillions of dollars to EPA partners, received zero media coverage. That’s because it was an example of the type of Woke business product that no rational person would ever purchase, especially as a money-saving opportunity. Which was exactly the marketing angle of the salesmen pushing for a Clean Energy Economy, employed by a shadowy group practicing what the media likes to call Stakeholder Capitalism. That Billionaires Club really enjoyed the EPA’s business motto “If its not ENERGY STAR, its not energy efficiency” because it allowed them to claim that no competition could be tolerated against the ENERGY STAR brand. The EPA brand had been declared superior to all others, and it might be against the law to believe disinformation from greedy American Capitalist suggesting otherwise. Creating what is known as “Regulatory Capture” over an entire segment of the US economy.To understand why institutions like Silicon Valley Bank needed to rely on TicTok performance artist to market green investment opportunities to dim-witted Progressives, requires knowing more about several other major financial frauds buried by the media for the benefit of ENERGY STAR. As more WOKE banks fail, there will be no media coverage on malfeasance by EPA officials for those green investment products, or any mention about the corrupt West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact that was secretly initiated by Globalist back in 2003. To fully comprehend what had occurred at Silicon Valley Bank, requires knowing why the public needed to be kept in the dark about the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact. It was all about the green, as in protecting the financial interest of the major players that had profited handsomely off the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001. That energy crisis was manufactured by utilities using phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” that drove up electricity rates by 50% on the West Coast, that ended with the recall of the Governor of California. What the media failed to report back then, was that the disgraced Governor Gray Davis had secretly signed on to the West Coast Governors scam two weeks before physically being removed from office for his role that fiasco. The political class didn’t like that one bit, but they also knew there would be widespread civil unrest if the public caught wind of the latest scam being run by the Enron Earth Day crowd. So they had their apparatchik do what they do best. Nothing. Which proved once again, that silence is golden!That action was obviously part of the cover-up for the energy crisis, but it also hid a far larger abuse of authority conducted under color of law. One with even more money-making potential, and it only required flipping one of the Dept of Energy’s most effective energy policies upside-down. That DOE policy once claimed that conservation of electricity offered one of the most effective means for reducing GHG emissions. Specifically, it involved a DOE policy regarding what is known as “end-use” technologies for energy efficiency in America’s Industrial Sector, which offered the most cost-effective means for reducing significant amounts of emissions. America’s Industrial Sector is the largest consumer of electricity on the planet, and electrical energy efficiency in the industrial sector was projected to grow into a $200+ billion annual marketplace from the sales, engineering and installation of advanced efficiency technologies by professionals. That fact has been known for decades, which the EPA considered their exclusive domain to control. Except, their media partners couldn’t acknowledge that massive marketplace, because all of the extraordinary energy-saving claims from “certified” products were based on “deemed” electrical values provided by the angry clown club at the EPA. Keep that in mind when considering the EPA’s new Smart Home Energy Management System, which still lacks any way to verify the imaginary energy-savings claims being made by ENERGY STAR. Many other suppressed stories on failed energy policies will exposed as Americans head into the 2024 election cycle, and most will relate to widespread government corruption at the EPA. The Biden Family Business Group may want voters to believe that the EPA is providing credible and unbiased information to help citizens make well-informed decisions, but the investors at Silicon Valley Bank might be suggesting that others be leery of EPA products being marketed by TicToc performance artist in the future.

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