John Stossel observes that all major companies require employees to undergo indoctrination in cultural Marxism — a.k.a. diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Utopia has been achieved; we now live in a climate of totalitarian political correctness. It isn’t working as promised:

For the $billions per year thrown at irritating DEI moonbattery, the return on investment would be negative — if liberal social engineers really wanted to help blacks and reduce racism. Actually, they deliberately keep down blacks and create racial resentment where it didn’t exist, because the ideology of our degenerate ruling class requires an underclass of floundering losers righteously oppressed by the alleged racism of the white middle class.

That pernicious ideology needs to be rejected in favor of EMC (equality [as opposed to equity], merit, colorblindness).

Here’s someone who gets what DEI and Critical Race Theory have been doing to blacks:

On tips from Lyle and Occam’s Stubble.


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