Ever Wonder Why EPA’s “Certified” Climate Saving Products Are So Insanely Expensive?

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Conor Coughlin

4 min ago

Back in 1992 the EPA posted “The Guardian: Origins of the EPA” that suggested that the Earth Day celebrations held on April 22, in 1970 was behind the formation of the EPA. The EPA presented a flowery description of that first Earth Day celebration, before going on to claim that its original founders were inspired, in part, by the NASA space missions. If that historical account sounds a little fishy, your intuitions are probably telling you that EPA narrative sounds more like a bad Hollywood script, based on an Orwellian penning of reality. That plot line would be more far-fetched, than claiming the Chinese Communist Party initiated the Cultural Revolution, because chairman Mao was inspired by the Russian Sputnik space program. That version of EPA’s origins might have sounded totally plausible to members of the World Economic Forum, but not to any rational person. It may however explain why the mainstream media would want to keep Americans in the dark about the evolution of our government’s green science. Most people believe that the EPA was created by Richard Nixon in 1970, after Congress passed the National Environmental Policy Act in 1969. Its original mission was about cleaning up pollution, and very few Americans would believe those Superfund projects would themselves be leveraged into new money-making venture fifty years later by lawyers and bureaucrats.

Records show that George H W Bush created the ENERGY STAR program in 1992, after NASA’s James Hanson spoke about detecting a Greenhouse Effect in 1988. But not once prior to 1992, did anyone claim that the EPA considered the NASA-inspired radicals operating the Earth Day celebrations were part of the public/private partnerships that the former CIA Director Bush had set up to battle Global Warming. That is what’s known as double-speak, in which the omission of an easily verifiable truth, can be replaced by an unverifiable opinion that is passed off as a factual statement by a corrupt bureaucrats. Fake News outlets make a living off that same double-standard, of lies by omission.

What the corporate media also failed to disclose, was that in 1993 Bill Clinton used an executive order to implement what amounted to a ENERGY STAR mandate under the guise of bringing efficiency to government. Which required all public agencies to buy only EPA-approved products, turning the EPA’s own logo branded product line into a virtual cash-cow. That ENERGY STAR mandate has been operated as a pure Pay-To-Play procurement scheme since that time, and is open only to a select group of public/private partnerships operating behind closed doors. These shady groups erected physical barriers to all outsiders with diversity requirements for conformity in all things. That allowed the Clinton regime to utilized a federal policy called Market Transformation (MT), as a tool for providing prosperity to Globalist during their transition to new a Clean Energy Economy. Government used claims of “level the playing field” and “eliminating barriers” to their EPA Partnerships, by enacting vague Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies that they could use to restrict access to outsiders. These were not laws, but rules designed to exclude others. Science became super expensive, because it had to consider the fragile emotional well-being of the new-age entrepreneurs that later associated with the Clinton Global Initiative, which helped develop other working groups like UNOPS. These green industrialist weren’t peddling the standard ENERGY STAR products sold at your local retail outlet, these entrepreneurs were into the industrial-grade of “certified” energy-efficiency that the EPA was marketing to their European Socialist and Chinese Communist pals through the UN Green Industrial Platform. Given that the average person has no idea how much EPA industrial-grade “certified” energy-efficiency cost US tax-payers, its impossible to quantify the value for a product line like the EPA’s new Smart Home Energy Management System.

In January of 2023, the EPA announced that Samsung SmartThing had earned the first ENERGY STAR “certification” for their Smart Grid product line, which the EPA claim saves energy, saves money and the climate. Therein lies one of bigger problem with this EPA product, and the reason behind the total media blackout of this Smart Grid application worth potentially trillions of dollars to EPA Partners. It is not purchased voluntarily by anyone, it must be mandated for use by everyone. That Smart Grid product line was allegedly produced through scientific research conducted by the government, but the EPA can’t identify how their public/private partners are managing to make the big bucks marketing cost-effective “certified” energy-efficiency products to save energy, save money and the climate. This is because the bulk of the EPA’s marketing revenue was spent on spin, by Hollywood producers, screen-writers and consultants that crafted a story-line, which claims that ENERGY STAR is providing simple, unbiased and credible information that customers use to make informed decisions. In reality, only those leaders that Time magazine claims came together to save our democracy in the 2020, are considered qualified to determine who gets to wear the gender-affirming clothing of the angry environmental advocate. But all social scientist agree that high-fashion designer clothing lines are insanely expensive, and they must be allowed to passed those cost on to their ‘captured customer’ base, mandated to use their premium-priced products to achieve cost-effective imaginary energy-savings


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