Is Trump’s Arrest Being Used To Hide The Epstein Case Against Clinton Cronies?


by Conorcoughlin.substack via

Several billionaire backers for Bill & Hillary’s dark green agenda at the Clinton Global Initiative were being issued subpoenas last week in the Virgin Islands, for a legal case that perfectly highlights the double-standards that Progressives have been employed for many decades. The Virgin Island case involves some of the most powerful men in Hollywood, Big Tech, Fake News and banksters that had crawled in to bed with Jeffery Epstein, a former school teacher that sky-rocketed to fame as a respected international financier to the Wolves of Wall Street. As a Manhattan DA launches the newest episode of the Show TrialsR USseries to take down Donald Trump, let’s not forget about the on-going saga to destroy the reputation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In 2006, Assange was treated as a Free Speech hero by the anti-American leftist, but that was before WikiLeaks began posting materials on-line provided by Army PFC Bradley Manning. By 2010 both Manning and Assange had been arrested, and PFC Manning was convicted in a military court for violations of the Espionage Act in 2013, then sentenced to 35 years in prison. Bradley Manning transitioned into Chelsea Manning while in prison, and was later granted clemency by Barak Obama in 2017. Manning is now celebrated as a whistle-blower for exposing corruption in the military, while Julian Assange sits in a prison cell for posting that same material. He was pursued on trumped-up sex related charges filed by Sweden with prosecutors in England, and had sought asylum for years at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. After political pressure from the US was used to forced Ecuador to kick Assange out of their embassy, the British government was allowed to arrest Assange. Julian Assange remains incarcerated, as he appeals the extradition order to deliver him to the US for prosecution, for exposing the classified materials that had turned Chelsea Manning into a First Amendment hero.

Except, the corrupt media hadn’t turned on Assange for disclosing military logistics, he became the face for the Russia, Russia, Russia election conspiracy narrative hatched by the campaign of Hillary Clinton. The FBI then initiated an investigation of a the main political opponent to Clinton, in an operation called Hurricane Crossfire which was based on the Steel Dossier provided by a former British spy that claimed Donald Trump and his staff were agents working on behalf of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. A concept so stupid, only FAKE NEWS outlets and Progressives would believe it was true.

The apparatchik is now working feverishly to divert public attention from the real scandal that is being exposed in the Virgin Island case, which is exposing the connections between top level US bureaucrats and the Stakeholder Capitalist involved in green schemes operated by EPA or UN business-driven enterprises that were only open to the pals of Jeffery Epstein. Those schemes may have been identified as green, but they often involved the type of Top Secret materials like those found on a private server in the Clinton home, which were part of the 30,000 mails posted on WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks hadn’t just posted Clinton emails and Manning’s military documents, it also had newspaper articles like the Guardian’s report that the CIA and State Department under Hillary Clinton tried to manipulate the outcome of the 2009 Climate Summit in Copenhagen. This was occurring as the Obama/Biden administration was releasing their EPA: Lead By Example guidelines, instructing state bureaucrats to estimate that the EPA’s ENERGY STAR brand of “certified” energy-efficiency products saved 25-50% more electricity than similar products. An easily provable lie! That obviously fraudulent claim was used to enact carbon-credit trading schemes being run by the EPA’s Billionaires Club, which are controlled State-Owned Enterprises like the Prosperity Partnership in the Puget Sound. That rogue group of Crony Capitalist had secretly crafted a Regional Economic Agenda, to export technologies for a Clean Energy Economy of the UN’s Paris Climate Deal. Which provided the financial incentive for the Obama regime to use the CIA and State Department to rig the outcome of that climate summit in Copenhagen back in 2009.

The dumbest people in the Intelligence Community, then set out to make Smart Grid meters the key to Smart Cities that will allow more Globalist to make big-bucks off of a ‘captured base’ of customers. In January of 2023, the media ignored an EPA announcement about its first mass-marketed Smart Home Energy Management System that had earned the ENERGY STAR® certification, which could be worth potentially trillions of dollars for the members of EPA public/private partnerships. That is probably the real reason for suppressing the Virgin Island case, because nobody cares about protecting the reputation of a dead pedophile. This is all about keeping the public in the dark on the money-making ventures at the EPA, and protecting the wealth of the elites. Sunlight would expose decades worth of their corrupt practices, that began with demonizing honest scientist, engineers and political leaders, as the DC Swamp rats pushed phony green initiatives under the guise of Cultural Marxism.


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