REPORT: Cops Raided Farm To Seize 9-Year-Old’s Pet Goat So State Senator Could Serve It At Community Barbecue

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A California mom is suing after cops raided her farm to seize her daughter’s pet goat so that a state senator could serve it at a community barbecue, according to reports.

Jessica long bought Cedar the goat in April of last year for her nine-year-old daughter, The Sacramento Bee reported. Long entered Cedar into the Shasta District Fair’s livestock auction, which stipulated that the all sales are “terminal” and the animal would be sold for meat, according to the report. The fair reportedly had a “no exceptions” rule. But Long changed her mind prior to the bidding, according to the report, and tried to pull Cedar out of the auction, but officials refused.

Cedar was sold to state Sen. Brian Dahle for $902, according to The Sacramento Bee. Long, desperate to make her distressed daughter happy, decided to “break the rules and take the goat that night and deal with the consequences later,” according to the report.

Long also said she contacted Dahle and he didn’t mind saving the goat.

“Making an exception for you will only teach our youth that they do not have to abide by the rules that are set up for all participants,” Shasta District Fair Chief Executive Officer Melanie Silva said in an email, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Things only got worse for the goat, with a livestock manager from the fair reportedly texting Long and warning of “serious consequences” if the goat wasn’t returned. Then a sheriff from Shasta County, Detective Jeremy Ashbee, filed a search warrant to retrieve Cedar, according to the report. A judge signed off on it and officer reportedly used “breaching equipment to force open doorway(s), entry doors, exit doors, and locked containers in pursuit of their target.”

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