NASA Embraces DEI Policies, Appoints ‘Diversity Ambassador’


by Mike LaChance at

NASA now has diversity administrators. What began with colleges and universities, then spread into government, the military, and even corporate America, is now in space exploration.

NASA has appointed a ‘diversity ambassador’ and an associate to work with him.

Sustainability Mag reports:

NASA appoints new leaders to head its commitment to DEI

Promoting diversity, equity, inclusions, and accessibility, NASA appoints a new DEI lead and administrator to manage its commitment to the ‘S’ in ESG

The organisation leading several major innovation projects with echoing effects across the globe, NASA is a critical organisation for research and development, and creating a better understanding of the world around us.

From research in energy and water consumption to the development of technology to reduce our impacts on the environment—an emissions reduction effort, NASA is working tirelessly behind the scenes to inform industries.

However, to complete the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) conversation, the organisation is also focusing on the ‘S’, making changes to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

Leaders at NASA recently appointed new leaders for diversity, equity, and inclusion. On March 27th 2023, Steve Shih was named the space agency’s first Diversity Ambassador, and Elaine Ho was appointed to work alongside him as the next associate administrator for the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity at its HQ.

NASA’s Administrator Bill Nelson says:

“Now more than ever, NASA is leading all of humanity on an unprecedented journey of discovery, exploration and innovation. To be successful in our missions, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility must continue to be at the forefront.

“Steve and Elaine’s leadership will help NASA continue to ensure our workforce reflects all of America and to inspire partners throughout our nation—for the benefit of all humanity.”

Karen Townsend of Hot Air reminds us that NASA has been headed in this direction for years:

NASA defines diversity on its website as the “entire universe of differences and similarities.” It defines inclusion as “the full participation, belonging, and contribution of organizations and individuals.” The dirty little secret is that NASA has been quietly checking identity boxes for years. It is a regular occurrence for a flight crew to be announced and for the announcement to note a “first”, whether it is a crew member’s gender, sexual identity, or ethnic background. Going deeper into the woke ideology demands of DEI is unnecessary and redundant.

Townsend also points to this recent post from a NASA related account on Twitter and notes that they have limited who can comment.


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