Should Congress Weigh-In On The Young v EPA Case For EPA’s Science Advisory Board?


by Conor Coughlin at

When will our US Senators provide their positions on the Young v EPA legal appeal for the openly corrupt double-standards being applied to the science advisors, that are supposed to be analyzing the financial impacts of EPA Policies on our economy? Fake News outlets have kept Americans in the dark about these EPA science advisors for decades, and the For-Profit business lines being operated without Congressional approval under the guise of going green. American civil rights have been undermined by what is known as “Regulatory Capture” over energy markets from corrupt EPA business practices, which placed their own ENERGY STAR® brand in control of a marketplace worth potentially trillions of dollars. In January of 2023, the EPA announced that Samsung had been awarded the first ENERGY STAR® certification for a Smart Home Energy Management System (SHEMS), that according to the EPA would save energy, save money and the climate. The EPA claims their ENERGY STAR® brand is providing simple, credible and unbiased information that customers use to make informed decisions, as long as you don’t question who produced that delusional claim.

You’ll need to trust the governments word on that statement, because normal people aren’t allowed to actually see any of the evidence supporting the EPA’s chimerical energy-saving claims. That Smart Grid product line is not purchased voluntarily by anyone, it will need to be mandated for use by everyone. Americans can’t be trusted to view the cutting-edge science behind the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® “certified” product line, because its value is based on imaginary electrical energy-savings that allegedly originated from bogus government research programs conducted for ENERGY STAR. Those research programs had nothing to do with Climate Change science, this research was related to the reduction of electrical consumption through energy-efficiency technologies, which the Dept of Energy once claimed offered the most cost-effective means to reduce GHG emissions. That same DOE policy also claimed that America’s Industrial Sector, the largest consumer of electricity on the planet offered tremendous opportunities to both lower electric rates of customers, and remove significant amounts of GHG emissions while improving productivity in manufacturing and industrial processes. That well-established policy was essentially abandoned around 2006, when the EPA pals determined they could make more money with carbon-credits trading schemes that allowed corporations to engage in Virtue Signaling activities, without having to adopt the Draconian practices applied to other businesses or industries. That policy change went into effect with DOE’s Save Energy Now program, a $100 billion boondoggle that funded 200 “Industrial Assessment” by universities, with a goal to make EPA’s corporate partners more productive and profitable with pathetic advice that pushed Social Justice, not energy efficiency. The Save Energy Now initiative literally flipped science upside-down, by pretending that radical university professors were qualified to be EPA energy experts promoting cutting-edge science, which was allegedly being peer-reviewed by the Dept of Defense and our Intelligence Community. That pathetic program became the vehicle used by Progressives to drive a twisted form of European Socialism onto campuses, that undermined the value of higher education. The Obama/Biden regime later applied this Orwellian concept of energy-efficiency to their EPA: Lead By Example guidelines that were released back in 2009, which instructed bureaucrats to begin estimating that EPA’s brand of “certified” products were now achieving 25%-50% greater energy-savings than similar products. An easily provable lie, but one accepted without question by their cronies at the EPA’s Billionaires Club, NATO, UN, OPEC and in Communist China. Socialist, Communist and other practitioners of Natural Capitalism really believe in the magic of ENERGY STAR®, despite the fact it lacked any credibility. EPA knew their multi-billion energy-saving claims were unreal, so they simply choose to hide the entire ENERGY STAR program from the public. Few people had any idea that ENERGY STAR had become a cash-cow, except a select group of jet-setters running UN Climate Conferences in exotic locations that could only handle accommodations for their associates.

Ironically, it was a team of real professionals associated with the site that brought the Young v EPA case forward, while our FBI are still denying their Crossfire Hurricane investigation was designed to target President Trump for his campaign promises to pull the US out of the UN’s Paris Climate Deal, and reform the EPA. Any honest person would recognize the potential National Security concerns from allowing compromised scientist on a EPA advisory board, especially in light of the EPA announcing a new Smart Grid venture worth potentially trillions of dollars. Before any independent voter cast another ballot, they should consider reading the 99-page opinion by FISA Court Judge Rosemary Collier regarding widespread abuse from Deep State surveillance, and targeting of economic opponents of the EPA’s Billionaires Club. Then ask when your Congressional representatives voted to make the ENERGY STAR ® product line the official brand of the New World Order?


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