Bohemian Grove Goes Viral After Hit Piece Claims Justice Clarence Thomas Attended Globalist Gathering

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by Kelen McBreen at

An elitist all-male meetup in California, the Bohemian Club, which meets once a year at its private location called the Bohemian Grove, was trending on Twitter Thursday.

The secret society gathering went viral after a website called ProPublica published a hit piece on conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, claiming he attended the retreat with a wealthy friend of his.

The article focuses on Thomas’ friendship with a billionaire GOP megadonor named Harlan Crow and accuses the justice of violating ethics laws by joining his pal on yacht trips and other adventures.

Of course, the Bohemian Grove was first brought to the public’s attention following Infowars founder Alex Jones’ epic infiltration of the gathering in 2000 where he filmed the infamous Cremation of Care mock sacrifice ceremony.

Jones released an entire documentary on the undercover footage he captured called, “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove,” which can be seen in full below:


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