Did Gibberish, Not Science Form The Basis For EPA’s ENERGY STAR Brand?

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by Conor Coughlin at N4mation.org

In 2005, MIT graduates developed a software program called SCIgen that could detect phony research papers containing computer-generated gibberish, which were being accepted by some of the world’s most renown institutions as fully peer-reviewed science. Major institutions like the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and Springer, an international publisher of scientific papers had to remove a 120 of those computer-generated “gibberish” reports that had been used by top universities and business groups. As it applied to the IEEE, those reports involved electrical topics that were directly related to the manipulation of global energy markets, which were being pushed by the UN diplomats pretending that the Kyoto Protocols would save humanity. The EPA Junk Science advocates were using the Settled Science of the Energy Foundation crowd to undermine a decades-old Dept of Energy policies, which had once advocated for finding advanced energy-efficiency technologies for use in America’s Industrial Sector, the largest consumer of electricity on the planet. Electricity is the key to America’s economic vitality, which explains why the media needed to bury the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact that had been secretly initiated in 2003. Silence is golden for green science, especially after the Bonneville Environmental Foundation had taken control of the business agenda for the corporate green movement.

The DOE had once claimed that conservation of electricity offered the most cost-effective means for reducing significant amounts of GHG emissions, which had been a major part of America’s Smart Energy agenda back in the olden days. But by 2006, that DOE policy had been flipped up-side down by the EPA’s stakeholder partners, when it was decided that bigger bucks could be made through carbon-credit trading schemes related to the installation of alternative generation resources like solar or wind-turbine farms. State-Owned Enterprises like the Prosperity Partnership of the Puget Sound had already formed, and had adopted the “gibberish” science as part of their business model for a Regional Economic Agenda. These savvy government entrepreneurs created a new Cluster Industry business strategy to market clean energy technology, which was in reality a form of Orwellian double-speak to describe ENERGY STAR. That term ENERGY STAR is strictly prohibited from use in academic circles and at UN conferences on Global Warming, because nobody wants to talk about the old science that turned that EPA program into a cash-cow for the Limousine Liberals. This is when California’s Commonwealth Club created their Climate One platform for empowering conversations on the new climate science, which just happened to align exactly with the version of truth being presented by the National Public Radio stations across the USA.

The ENERGY STAR was referred to as Settled Science, that could not be questioned by anyone. The political elites couldn’t afford another Sokal Hoax, like when a physicist named Alan Sokal submitted a sham article to the cultural studies journal Social Text that was had been “liberally salted with nonsense” that he knew his Fellow Travelers in the academic community would accept as if it was the gospel according Marx. The hapless fools at the journal had published his delusional science paper in their 1996 Spring/Summer issue, and had to be told by Sokal that his “techno babble” was a hoax to demonstrate just how freaking stupid these highly-educated experts had become. Of course, it was buried by the media, and is now referred to as the Sokal Affiar. Otherwise, someone might have asked questions about the new DOE programs like the Save Energy Now program, a $100 billion boondoggle that had universities conducting “industrial assessments” at corporate facilities to improve productivity and profits. That $100 billion program could only afford to fund 200 of those university-grade assessments, which was on par for the type cost-effective solution being used to reduce electrical demand in America’s Industrial Sector.

Media censorship of that “gibberish” science is still in place, as the EPA recently announced that the Samsung Corporation has received the first ENERGY STAR® certification for a Smart Home Energy Management System that could be worth trillions of dollars for the EPA’s Billionaires Club. This EPA product is not purchased voluntarily by anyone, it must be mandated for use by everyone. Which explains the need for a media blackout of the EPA’s claim that ENERGY STAR® is proving simple, unbiased and credible information that customers and businesses rely on the make well-informed decisions. If ENERGY STAR® was providing unbiased and credible information, where would you go to find it? More importantly, could you determined who exactly produced it in the first place?

There in lies the problem. Nobody is taking credit for inventing EPA’s multi-billion dollar product lines, that they claim are generating tens of billions of dollars in energy-savings annually, but that leave no financial foot-print of any recorded activity. By 2003, the elites had created a new version of the Sokal Hoax, when three state governors hatched a secretive plan to save the world from ineffective government officials in Washington DC. These three Progressive leaders were angry that Congress and the White House had rejected the science that would allow them to meet their commitment to emissions reductions for the Kyoto Protocols. That’s when the three state governors formed the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact, which was signed by California’s Gray Davis two weeks before being removed from office by a Recall petition for his role in the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001. That corrupt initiative was embraced by the global elites that supported the UN Cluster Industries concept, which could exclude all outside competitors from their private clubs.

When considering the EPA claims of providing unbiased and credible information that customers rely on to make well-informed decisions, have you ever wondered why that message is only shared with members of the World Economic Forum? While at the same time, the Biden regime is pushing a new Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity to tackle economic inequality, foster regional economic integration and good jobs, and restore faith in democracy by delivering for working people across the region. Did bureaucrats forget that Alan Sokal had already acknowledged that he had conducted a hoax decades ago, and that “gibberish” was not really science?


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