James O’Keefe’s Investigation Reveals Numerous Suspicious Donations to the Democrats

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by Rajan Laad at americanthinker.com

Recently, Investigative journalist James O’Keefe and Election Watch released reports that revealed thousands of oddly generous donations made by impecunious senior citizens and unemployed individuals to various Democrat groups. 

The discoveries were made when they inspected the donations records from the Federal Election Commission website. These donations did seem unusual considering the financial hardships of the donors

So, are these donors true believers in the far-left causes advocated by the Democrat party such that they place party needs above personal needs?

Commendably O’Keefe and his colleagues didn’t mere engage in speculation and conjecture. They did what most contemporary journalists hesitate to do – they left the comforts of offices and actually did some investigative reporting on the scene of the occurrences.

They braved punishing weather and terrain to meet with these Democrat ‘donors’ to comprehend their seemingly irrational generosity.

They enrolled concerned citizens, freelance journalists and even private detectives to assist them since the undertaking is so massive and their budgets limited.

Townhall covered some of the key exchanges between O’Keefe‘s team and the ‘donors’.

O’Keefe met with Cindy Nowe, who allegedly contributed $18,000 to a Democrat PAC called Act Blue. Nowe seemed baffled at the claim, she said she had donated “$5 once in a while” to ActBlue owing to her spirit of charity. Records show her donating numerous times in a single day.

The next stop was Michael Jamieson in Maryland, who, despite being unemployed, appeared to donate $32,000 to the Democrat party. When asked about his unexplained generosity, Jamieson, ranted about President Trump, and hurled abuses at his inquisitors. 

Next was Garland Riggs who is 80 years old and who allegedly donated $230,000 to ActBlue. Riggs, like others, denied making those generous donations. He added that his wife may have donated to ActBlue but the amount was not more than $1,000 a year. 

O’Keefe then met with Carolyn Lenz who lives in Tucson and who purportedly donated $170,000 over the past seven years. Lenz vehemently denied making the donations.  

Next was the turn of a private detective Kyle Corrigan who works for Brightline Investigations and is part of the Election Watch team

Corrigan traveled to Wisconsin to investigate.

Corrigan met Dale Wing, who records show made over 11,000 donations over seven years, often four times a day. Dale too denied making the donations.

Corrigan also met with a man to ask about his donating 8,000 times. He responded that it seemed a “little odd’ and “too high.” He said he may have donated $800, also that he donates only once a month. 


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