Did DOE’s Office of Electricity Create Dual Smart Grid Agendas Back In 2003?

office of electricity

by Conor Coughlin at N4mation.org

Does the Dept of Energy have two Smart Grid policies? In January of 2023, the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® “certified” a new Smart Grid product line with the potential for EPA-approved partnerships to make fabulous fortunes under a form of “Regulatory Capture” employed over electrical markets. The EPA claims their new Smart Home Energy Management System will save energy, save money and the climate, but fails to explain which source of scientific research was utilized by EPA for their government-owned energy management system that could be worth trillions of dollars. This isn’t a product that anyone could voluntarily purchase, it must be mandated for use by everyone. To understand why media imposed a total news blackout on the EPA’s new Smart Grid product line, requires knowing a little about the obscure Office of Electricity that Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham created after a blackout had left 50 million customers in the dark back in 2003. The Office of Electricity was supposed to be all about securing America’s National Grid from cyber threats with a joint US and Canadian initiative, which appears to have morphed into something altogether different.

Gone from this DOE program was the typical language concerning cyber-security to protect our vital infrastructures, the Office of Electricity website now has an ‘about page’ speaking about the impact from implementing electrical deregulation from the 1990’s. Before going on to disclose this little-known DOE initiative had received hundreds of billions of dollars under Obama’s America Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, while it sought to address the uncertainty of future technological options and changing customers preferences and policies. Which is Orwellian techno-babble designed to appear as if electrical customers actually wanted to purchase EPA’s superior goods and services.

The apparatchik had to suppress the new strategy of the Office of Electricity, because the public would have questioned allowing private investors to contribute to “keeping the lights on more reliably and efficiently and reducing cost”, in a scheme that had the DOE providing matching funds to private parties in a Smart Grid initiative that was directly tied to National Security policy issues. What we’re talking about here, is one agency producing two distinctly different Smart Grid policies. One version by the Office of Electricity was to protect our national grid from penetration by foreign actors, and the ENERGY STAR® Smart Home Energy Management System that will expose all Americans personal business and privacy to Samsung, a South Korean multi-national that was the first corporation to receive certification for a Smart Energy application by the EPA. The EPA claims their ENERGY STAR® brand is providing simply, unbiased and credible information that customers rely on on to make well-informed decisions, but can’t disclose when Congress authorized them to develop a business brand of products that had foreign entities competing against American businesses.

Back in 2003, DOE’s main policy objective was the reduction of electrical demand on our national electrical grid, and promoting conservation of electricity in America’s Industrial Sector as the most cost-effective means for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Several major DOE research programs were operating in the Pacific NW, those projects involved many of same agencies and private sector players that in 2009, had begun a Pacific NW Smart Grid Demonstration Project. What the American people hadn’t realized was that DOE had dropped the pretense of trying reduce GHG emissions, and were now into making money off of allowing corporation to pay for polluting. By 2006, the original DOE policy of electrical conservation had been flipped up-side down, and the new government policy had became all about carbon-credit trading schemes, and pushing for Smart Grid applications that had less credibility than Bernie Madoff’s investment programs. In 2009, the Obama’s Energy Secretary Steve Chu released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines, which directed state-level bureaucrats to claim that ENERGY STAR “certified” products were saving 25% to 50% more electrical energy than similar products. An easily provable lie! Obama’s Energy Secretary Chu was now also in charge of the $100 billion Save Energy Now boondoggle, which funded a 200 “industrial assessments” by universities to increase profits and productivity for a few select corporations. The media had to bury that fiasco also, in order to hide its connections to a much larger and far more corrupt initiative from back in 2003.

What was that secret? The West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact created in the wake of the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001, when utilities used phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” to drive up electric rates on the West Coast by 50% as authorities sat silent. The media had to bury the West Coast Governors scam, because California’s disgraced governor Gray Davis was two weeks away from removal from office, when he signed on to that secret pact. The three governors had created the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact in 2003, after the US Senate had rejected the Kyoto Protocols. The Natural Resource Defense Council provided the sole media release on the West Coast Governors scam at the time, which didn’t contain a single word about California’s failed electrical deregulation plan, the Energy Crises or that governor Gray Davis had been recalled from office. It did included statements from Climate Solutions, a non-profit group that had just released its second Poised For Profit report on electrical energy-efficiency and Smart Grid technologies. At that time, Climate Solutions was operating the Harvesting Clean Energy program, which was allegedly searching for cost-effective energy solutions for industrial customers and corporate farms in Washington State.

Untold billions of tax-payer dollars were spent in the search for advanced energy-efficiency technologies, which was essentially all flushed down the toilet in favor worthless Smart Grid efforts, and bogus UN business-driven enterprises controlled by groups like the Clinton Global Initiative. While the average person couldn’t find a single informative article about our energy policies, universities are utilizing bogus data the public has never been allowed to question. Nobody could actually say what was being bought and sold, but if involves Smart Energy there will always a lot of green involved.


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