Donald Trump Announces Plan to Tackle Weaponization of Justice System

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President Trump on Thursday released a presentation for how he plans on facing the “dire threat” of the Justice System’s weaponization.

“There is no more dire threat to the American way of life than the corruption and weaponization of our Justice System,” Trump wrote on Truth Social with a video message.

Trump’s presentation was titled: “Agenda47: Firing the Radical Marxist Prosecutors Destroying America”

“There is no more dire threat to the American way of life than the corruption and weaponization of our Justice System, and it’s happening all around us. If we cannot restore the fair and impartial rule of law, we will not be a free country,” Trump stated.

“As President, it will be my personal mission to restore the scales of justice in America. We will have fairness and equality under the law. To that end, I will appoint U.S. Attorneys who will be the polar opposite of the Soros District Attorneys and others that are being appointed throughout the United States. Very unfair to our population. Very unfair to our country,” he continued.

“They will be the 100 most ferocious legal warriors against crime and Communist corruption that this country has ever seen. As we completely overhaul the federal Department of Justice and FBI, we will also launch sweeping civil rights investigations into Marxist local District Attorneys. And that’s what we have, they are Marxist in many cases,” Trump added.

“By refusing to charge countless crimes, these Soros prosecutors appear to be engaging in selective enforcement based on illegal racial discrimination. In Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and every other city where these maniacs have taken over, the DA’s offices should face federal subpoenas of their staff, their emails, and their records to determine whether they have blatantly violated federal Civil Rights law,” he continued.

“As part of this effort, there should be a federal inquiry into the Soros prosecutor in Austin, Texas, who charged a veteran with murder for defending himself against a threat by a heavily armed member of a radical left mob. I will also order the Department of Justice to establish a task force on protecting the right to self-defense, which is under siege nationwide,” Trump noted.


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