Biden Has Militarized The EPA

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Biden promised to make fossil fuels extinct and is taking steps to do so with the help of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Joe Biden vowed to do it when talking to blurry-eyed environmental groupies during the 2020 election.

He has thought through his plan as well as these dreamers have charted out their future. Biden has visions of everyone driving Electronic Vehicles (EVs) and our landfills filled with the beautiful gas vehicles that we have loved since we were kids. I dream of being the person to push the button and crush Joe Biden’s treasured Corvette. Good for us, good for him.

As Biden was boarding Air Force One, that evil gas-burning jet, on his way to Ireland, he directed the EPA to announce new guidelines that the auto industry would never be able to comply with. He took the EPA in his feeble hand like a gladiator yielding his sword, and he took control of the auto industry and pulled the guillotine lever that hung the fossil fuel industry to its death. Greta Thunberg was so giddy today that she had to skip school. But seriously, why go to school when we will all be extinct in 10 years, right, John Kerry? Cue James Taylor for your favorite diddy. By the way, Hunter is on this trip to Ireland with The Big Guy. The Irish best get their checkbooks out. Hunter’s idea of a souvenir is a check to the Biden cartel with at least nine zeros.

Regardless of the standards involved, the bigger picture is that the government is mandating to the American people how they will travel about the country. Only about 6% of cars on American roads today are Electric, which is not enough for Biden and the Climate Change advocates. The numbers and the infrastructure are against the speedy growth of EVs. First is the price, which averages over $60,000 for EVs, while gas vehicles are still in the $40,000s. Filling stations today number about 145,000. There is no statistic on the number of pumps but at 6-12 per station, the pumps total 900,000 to 1.8 Million. The Administration brags about the 130,000 public access chargers. They are not even close to filling the demand in the future. Currently, there are only two significant owners of the chargers, ChargePoint and Tesla. There is no push on the part of petroleum companies to convert filling stations to charge.

The power grid in America is well below the capacity we need today. It is prevalent in some regions to see scheduled “brown-outs” or even black-outs. Ee cannot keep the lights on our air conditioners running. What will happen when we start plugging in the family SUV every day? In California, there were orders last summer forbidding the charging of EVs. Try using that excuse for your boss when you don’t have enough battery life to drive to work.

Finally, these EV charging stations will not be wind-powered. We will need fossil fuels to generate the wattage we will use, so these EPA standards will not eliminate fossil fuels but transfer the user.

We love our cars, trucks, RVs, and boats, and we are not ready, and possibly never will be, to have the government mandate that we need to give them up. Please tell me where this power is given to the President in our Constitution. I’ll wait.


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