U.S. Investors See Congo’s Migrants as Economic Resource

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by NEIL MUNRO at beitbart.com

President Joe Biden should grant the prize of short-term amnesty to illegal migrants from the chaotic and huge African country of the Congo, says the leading D.C.-based advocacy group for wealthy West Coast investors.

“By designating [Congo] for TPS [Temporary Protected Status], the Biden Administration can ensure that Congolese nationals living in the United States are not deported to a country where they will face terrible violence and even death … [and] risk life-threatening conditions when attempting to flee to neighboring countries,” said the report by the FWD.us advocacy group.

The flow of illegal migrants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) population of 100 million is already growing because Biden is accepting illegal migrants — and inviting legal refugees — from the DRC.

On April 4, Border Report posted an article from Tijuana, Mexico:

 The [city] office of immigrant affairs in Tijuana has noticed a new trend in recent weeks with more and more migrants from Africa arriving in the city.

“It has been a constant flow,” said Enrique Lucero, head of Tijuana’s Migrant Affairs Office. “It’s due to the political and economic climate that exists in that continent.”

Lucero said most of the migrants are from countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana and Somalia. “They are all taking the same route through Brazil, they’ll cross South America and then on to Mexico City and finally Tijuana,” Lucero said.

The migrants from Africa fly into South America and then walk through the Darien Gap jungle trail between Colombia in South America and Panama in Central America.

Many illegals from the DRC have already settled in Maine. In September 2022, the New York Times described how some of the migrants were hired to pick apart seafood:

More than 700 families seeking asylum have come to ​the ​Portland​ area since January 2021, most of whom fled the Democratic Republic of Congo or Angola​. Southern Maine has welcomed them with months of free housing and other assistance, filling a void left by a federal system that lets them stay in the country temporarily, but provides neither financial help nor swift permission to work.

Ben Conniff, co-founder and chief innovation officer at Luke’s Lobster, said his business relies heavily on immigrants. About one-third of the employees at the company’s [seafood] processing plant in Saco are asylum seekers, and he is desperate to hire more.

Congo’s illegal migrants are following more than 60,000 Congolese who have been resettled in the United States by the federal refugee program.

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