Can We Stop Pretending That The EPA Resulted From Earth Day Celebration?

office of electricity

by Conor Coughlin

In January of 2023, corporate media suppressed any acknowledgment that EPA’s ENERGY STAR® brand had certified its first Smart Home Energy Management System (SHEMS), their newest Smart Grid product-line created for their public/private business partners. Samsung, a South Korean conglomerate was the first multi-national corporation to became a ENERGY STAR® “certified” product supplier for SHEMS. Most Americans are unaware that President George H W Bush created the ENERGY STAR program in 1992, which was the same year the former CIA Director & UN Ambassador signed the United States on to the UN’s Agenda 21 Development Plan. In 1992, our government also released “The Guardian; Origins of the EPA” claiming that Earth Day celebrations had led to the creation of the EPA, and indicating that President Nixon and Congress had passed the National Environmental Policy Act as a powerful reaction to a dooms-day book written in 1962 by Rachel Carson. Silent Spring was being presented by the EPA thirty-five years later, as if it had provided accurate scientific guidance to political leaders in preparing for the catastrophic impacts from the use of pesticides like DDT to help feed humans. That same distorted logic was applied to the Global Warming science, which began with a unproven theory presented in 1988 about greenhouse gases, that thirty-five years later had morphed into the EPA’s SHEMS program to save energy, save money and protect the climate. After over sixty years of pushing“fear porn” passed off as fact, the media couldn’t even disclose the EPA’s newest money-making venture, because that might have resulted in questions about the science the was produced by Dept of Energy’s Office of Electricity. An initiative designed to protect our National Electric Grid from penetrations by foreign actors, which might be hostile to the economic interest of America.

The Office of Electricity was created in 2003, which was the same year that three state governors created the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative after the nearly unanimous rejection of the Kyoto Protocols by our US Congress. Media had to bury that story, because California’s Governor Gray Davis had been recalled from office, and was two weeks away from being forced out of office for his role in the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001. Electricity rates on the West Coast increased by 50% from phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” by utility bosses, and the voters would have gone ballistic had they known of that secret initiative to reward the political elites. Washington State Governor Gary Locke had secretly created his own Prosperity Partnership in 2004, which occurred two weeks after Washington State had held one of the most controversial elections for governor in US history. The Democrat Attorney General Christine Gregoire was been declared the winner by 135 votes eight months afterwards, when a court judge decided that the GOP candidate Dino Rossi hadn’t actually won the election and a re-count. The judge had determined that ballots mysteriously found during a second recount had made Gregoire the true winner, as he dismissed allegations of widespread fraud. The voters were never allowed to consider that AG Gregoire had to have been fully aware of that Gary Locke had secretly signed that West Coast Governor’s scam that violated the US Constitution, and that the Prosperity Partnership had crafted a Regional Economic Agenda that would financially benefited the politicians and bureaucrats seeking to impose a Clean Energy Economy on the planet.

Much like back when the American people were spoon-fed a media narrative that EPA science supported the need for quickly banning pesticides used on crops, which were suddenly declared to be poisonous in nature. They are now being misled into believing that the Dept of Energy has actually been producing products to reduce GHG emissions. By 2006, policies related to conservation of electricity for reducing emissions had been rendered meaningless, when DOE policies began placing a value on carbon-credit trading schemes for an imaginary “certified” energy efficiency commodity produced from EPA’s superior ENERGY STAR brand of products. There is no evidence to support any of the EPA’s chimerical claims regarding their extraordinary electrical energy-savings, which are all built on the consensus of science owned by Globalist. You can’t access that science, because its none of your business. It was developed by the Office of Electricity, that paid matching funds to private parties to buy into saving the planet with Smart Grid technologies. Protecting our National Grid was a hoax.

By 2006, the World Health Organization had reversed its ban on DDT for in-door use, to reduce the number of infections from malaria-carrying mosquitoes in third-world countries. Quinine had been used to treat malaria for hundreds of years by western physicians, which was long before chloroquine became a prescription drug in the 1940’s. Its uses were expanded to also treat Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis with very few side effects, which are autoimmune disorders. During the pandemic caused by Covid 19, thousands of doctors, health-care workers and first-responders were fired without cause for simply suggesting that chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine products had a history of treating similar infections in the past. Honest professionals were treated worst than career criminals by state and federal prosecutors, FBI and the CDC. All of those bureaucrats knew Quinine had been studied for centuries.

As media presents their Earth Day celebrations of perpetual dooms-day scenarios by discredited green experts, take some time to remember who produced the science for the Office of Electricity. It’s why the EPA can claim the ENERGY STAR® is providing simple, unbiased and credible information that customers use to make well-informed decisions about their Smart Grid Products. But can’t explain when Congress authorized them to secretly turn ENERGY STAR into a cash-cow for the political insiders, allowing bureaucrats to market products and services through the EPA Billionaires Club.

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