Guo Wengui/Miles Guo Named “Victim No. 1” in NY CCP Police Station Bust

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by Matt Palumbo via

The CCP infiltration is already here.

On April 17th, federal prosecutors arrested and charged two men with operating an “undeclared police station” for the CCP in lower Manhattan. The next day, another 6 secret Chinese police stations were exposed within the U.S.). The men charged, Lu Jianwang and Chen Jinping, were charged for acting as agents for China, and obstruction of justice for deleting their communications.

That the CCP has secret police stations operating in the U.S. should be the top story nationwide, but it’s received suspiciously little coverage relative to the magnitude of the revelation.

After their arrest, photos began surfacing showing that Jianwang had been photographed meeting with high-profile Democrats at fancy dinners and campaign events. This included meeting with New York Democrat Rep. Grace Meng, as well as NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Senator Chuck Schumer in 2022 and 2023. During the meeting with Schumer, Jianwang was joined by Wu Xiaoming, a member of the Chinese consulate.

While The CCP’s biggest critic Miles Guo remains behind bars without having even been offered bail, both alleged CCP spies were quickly granted bail and released from custody. Jianwang posted bond of $250,000, while Jinping posted bond of $400,000. Both bonds have three co-signers, the names and signatures of which are redacted.

Another damning case was unsealed by Brooklyn federal prosecutors on the 17th that documents the CCP has a special unit devoted just to spying on, harassing, and trying to discredit Guo, with the ultimate goal of having him sent back to China where he faces certain imprisonment or, more likely, death.

In that case, more than thirty of China’s national police were charged with harassing Chinese nationals in New York and other parts of the U.S. The officers were accused of creating a troll farm that used thousands of fake personas to target Chinese nationals critical of the CCP in the U.S.

And the first victim listed in the filing, only as “Victim 1” is none other than Guo himself.


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