Rep. Comer Warns ‘The Walls Are Closing in on the Biden Family’ As New Evidence Emerges Through Whistleblower


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As the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, led by Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), learns more and more about the alleged Biden family influence-peddling scheme from actual bank records and Treasury Department documents, there’s a new development in the case — an IRS whistleblower has come forward.

The Wall Street Journal reported that this person has told lawmakers “he has information to share that suggests the Justice Department is improperly handling its investigation into Hunter Biden.”

The whistleblower, an IRS supervisor, reportedly has evidence that political appointees of Joe Biden declined to bring criminal charges recommended by investigators in the Delaware District Attorney’s office, which has been investigating Hunter Biden for several years.

CBS News interviewed the whistle-blower’s attorney, Mark Lytle, who sent a letter to Congress saying his client, whom he did not identify, has “extensive documentation to support his allegations” of political appointees interfering in the Hunter Biden case.

That case now involves as many as nine Biden family members, as Rep. Comer told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Wednesday night:

“As you know, we went into the Treasury (Department), assuming that there were four or five Biden family members involved in this Biden family influence-peddling scheme,” Comer said.

“We assumed there were about a dozen banks. We assumed there were a certain number of Suspicious Activity Reports. What we quickly learned from going through the thousands of pages of bank violations that this family was involved in — there are nine Biden family members and counting, Sean. There are at least two others that I would bet money on will be implicated before long.

“There are many more banks that were involved. There were many more LLCs that were involved. This was a family enterprise. But the LLCs, Sean, they don’t appear to be legitimate businesses. Their sole purpose, from what my analysis is thus far, is, they were just used to try to disguise or launder, however you want to describe it, where the source of the revenue was, and the source was, you know, places like the Chinese communist party, places in countries that honestly have worse reputations than China.

“And they went to great lengths to try to hide the fact that this money was coming in to the Bidens by transferring it to many accounts. The banks picked up on this. That’s why they filed bank violations. And then they went directly into Biden family members’ personal accounts. It wasn’t for seed capital, like the Biden lawyers are trying to claim.

“And when they talk about legitimate businesses, Sean, I have yet to find a legitimate business. I found a lot of LLCs. We continue to find more. But, you know, Sean, you and I can form an LLC and call it Hannity and Comer Energy. That doesn’t mean we’re in the energy business — we just have an LLC with the word energy in it. And we haven’t found any legitimate businesses.”

Hannity asked Comer, “Do you believe the president of the United States is compromised by these countries that we know hate our guts?”

“I don’t see how Joe Biden could not be compromised,” Comer said:

“I mean, these family members aren’t energy experts. They weren’t on boards. At least with Burisma, Hunter actually sat on a board. There are no other boards that we can find that these family members sat on. Certainly not the grandchildren and the nieces and the nephews and the in-laws and things like that.

“So what were they doing? Why were they getting this much money? It all points back to Joe Biden, and we’re going to continue until we get the truth to the American people. But I can say this, Sean, the walls are closing in on the Biden family.”

Comer says his investigation into influence-peddling is also an investigation into a “tax scheme.”


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