How Will The EPA Of Today Be Celebrating The Enron Earth Day’s Of The Past?

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If you’re a neo-Hippie celebrating Earth Day today, will you even know which media-created version of reality your supposed to be commemorating? Will it be the one based on a Hollywood interpretation of the Yippie movement that died long ago, or will it be the Yuppie movement that grew out of the more serious-minded Students for a Democratic Society. Today there are more different versions about the history of that first Earth Day, than there are Hollywood explanations for the Big Bang Theory. That theory has also evolved since presenting Barbarella (aka Jane Fonda) as a 41st century astronaut fighting to keep evil from returning to the universe, which Hollywood plans to remake for the current Enron Earth Day crowd. This is the group of highly intelligent environmental leaders that took control over the EPA, which produced a new historical account in 1992 . The “The Guardian: Origins of the EPA” is not presented as a parody, but it does credit that first Earth Day celebration as the motivating factor for creation of the EPA. Which then goes on to make the distorted claim that the original founders of the Earth Day celebration were inspired by the NASA space program. In reality, the closest those rocket-scientist ever came to any form of science, were probably from the space trips attributed to the party favors being pushed by a Harvard University professor named Timothy Leary. Virtually every twisted form of stupidity embraced by the modern academic community, can be summed up in a video produced about the historical account of Timothy Leary at the time of his death in 1996. Which may explain why Richard Nixon, the President that actually created the EPA had claimed Leary was the most dangerous man in America.

It was the Timothy Leary motto of “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out” that created the intellectual wasteland in high education of today. By the time of Timothy Leary’s death, Hollywood’s Barbarella had moved on to the plantation of her 3rd husband, Ted Turner the founder of CNN. In so many ways that 1991 union between those two strange bed-fellows, represented the blending of the old Hollywood with the new-age of media that had already begun to scrub the science of the past from history. The American people were required to focus on the affairs of media-created royalty, but never question the moronic gibberish that was being pasted off as science by their cultural heroes. As a society, we weren’t informed that the crazed views of Timothy Leary had progressed to pushing drugs on little kids, sexual identity confusion and the embrace of the what we now call Smart Grid technology. Bach then it was passed off as part of the Cultural Revolution, to overthrow the man. Except by 1992, the twisted-sisters of academia had become the Man at the EPA, and were represented by other deep-thinkers like David Brower. Brower had founded the North Cascades Conservation Council (1957), Friends of Earth (1969), Earth Island Institute (1981), the John Muir Institute for Environmental Studies (1997) and was the first president of the Sierra Club, before being bounced out of that position for his radicalism. Brower was the narcissistic environmental leader that liked to boasted of receiving a back-handed compliment from a EPA Director that became one of his favorite quotes about himself. “Thank God for Dave Brower. He makes it easy for the rest of us to look reasonable”, which for the EPA was a much more difficult task than most Americans might imagine.

That lack of reasonableness at the EPA, can be traced back to President George H W Bush that created the ENERGY STAR program in 1992. Which President Bill Clinton mandated for use by all sub-divisions of government with an Executive Order in 1993, that essentially established a Pay-To-Play scheme marketed by the EPA to public/private partnerships with ties back to all those academic organizations that had no qualms about erecting barriers to anyone denying the intellectual superiority of Timothy Leary zealots. In the late 1990’s, Climate Solutions, a franchisee of the Earth Island Institute became one the leading sources of the Junk Science embraced by the political establishment of the West Coast. That was tied to the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative, which was a secret pact created in 2003 after California Governor Gray Davis had been recalled from office for his role in the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001. That’s when utility bosses used phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” to drive up West Coast electric rates by 50%. Media outlets needed to bury that story, to protect there own financial interest.

By 2023, the EPA was releasing a ENERGY STAR® ‘certified” Smart Home Energy Management System (SHEMS) to Samsung, a South Korean multi-national conglomerate for a Smart Grid application to save money, save energy and protect the climate. The science for that Smart Grid application probably originated out of the Office of Electricity, created by the Dept of Energy in 2003 to address cyber-threats to our National Electric Grid from penetration by hostile foreign actors. By 2009, the Office of Electricity was offering matching funds to private parties after the Obama regime had directed billions of dollar from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into that obscure program. The EPA claims that ENERGY STAR® is providing simple, unbiased and creditable information that customers can rely on to make well-informed decisions, but can’t recollect when Congress authorized them get into money-making ventures. If your suffering from similar memory problems, you may want take a couple hits of LSD to bring you up to speed with the academic community. It may help you remember which version of Earth Day to celebrate today.


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