Corruption: Seven ex CIA Directors, the Atlantic Council, Burisma and the 2020 Election

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by Mike Benz via

As noted, Burisma and the Atlantic Council signed a formal cooperation agreement to increase investments in the Ukranian private gas company where Hunter Biden was a handsomely paid board member, lobbying the State Department on Burisma’s behalf:

The Department of Homeland Security, its CISA division under Chris Krebs, then turned around deputized the Atlantic Council – a Burisma lobbyist – to censor the 2020 election.

The Atlantic Council was the anchor hub of the 4-entity censorship consortium, EIP, who DHS tapped:

Here is one of a virtually an infinite well of Atlantic Council bragging videos about how they censored Trump supporters en masse for the 2020 election:

Again, the Atlantic Council had seven CIA directors – seven LIVING former CIA directors – serving on its board of directors, as it was serving as Burisma’s lobbyist and DHS’s 2020 deputized social media censor:

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