EIGHT CRITICAL QUESTIONS 60 Minutes Should’ve Asked During Their Interview of “The Jan 6 Victim” Ray Epps 

Last night, Fake News CBS did its best to make Ray Epps into a victim on 60 Minutes. Unfortunately, for those who’ve been following the curious case of Ray Epps, they left more questions unanswered than answered.

Never forget, CBS is the same network that allowed former 60 Minutes news anchor Dan Rather to totally manufacture a story about then-President George W. Bush, whose military service as a member of the National Guard he attempted to discredit, as he tried to paint as a “deserter,” only one month before the 2004 election for his second term against Democrat Al Gore.

During an April 2012 interview with GMA host George Stephanopoulos, Rather was asked if he had any regrets about his fake news reporting that led to his ouster by CBS?  The fake news leftist hack anchor responded to the GMA host, “No. My attitude is—sometimes things in journalism go badly for the correspondent, but it’s important not to get baffled, not to be afraid, and to never quit.” When Stephanopoulos asked him how he felt about being ousted by CBS News, Rather explained that the network has a reputation for sticking by their reporting, “‘We do it together, and we stick together all the way through,’” he said, explaining that was the CBS New “tradition.”

Last night, 60 Minutes, once again, showed America what shoddy, half-assed reporting looks like when the crew traveled to a so-called remote location in the Rocky Mountains to help Ray Epps and his wife tell their viewers how they should ignore every video they’ve watched of him, and to ignore the text message to his nephew, and instead, to listen to his story through the lens of a guy who worked doing “research” for the January 6 Witch Hunt Committee, and from former Oath Keeper, Ray Epps, who most Americans believe was a key player, who worked with the Deep State to set up innocent Americans who traveled to DC to show their support for President Trump. Once the protesters finished listening to President Trump speak at the Ellipse, they headed for the Capitol to show their support for lawmakers who were about to appear on national television, where they would share evidence with the entire world of inconceivable coincidences related to the 2020 election in at least 5 critical swing states that gave Basement Biden an impossible victory over America’s most popular president in history.

Here’s a portion of the “Ray Epps is a victim” piece by 60 Minutes:


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