Why Did The Biden EPA Choose A South Korean Corp For Its First Smart Grid Product?

On January 4, 2023 the EPA announced that the Samsung Corp had the first mass-marketed Smart Home Energy Management System (SHEMS) to earn the ENERGY STAR certification, which received zero media coverage by groups like the Trusted News Initiative and their “industry partners” that have been coordinating bans on all sensitive political stories for decades. The EPA’s press release informs us that the Samsung, a South Korean multi-national conglomerate had earned the ENERGY STAR certification for its new SmartThings Home Energy system that allegedly has integrations that span thousands of EPA partner brands. The media release never explains why American citizens should be forced to purchase EPA products and services through these exclusive arrangements with EPA-selected corporate partners, or how it saves energy, saves money and protects the climate. The SHEMS product line is based on a EPA claim, that their ENERGY STAR® brand provides simple, unbiased, and credible information that customers rely on to make well-informed decisions, but can’t disclose when Congress authorized them to develop a money-making business brand. Or why EPA refuses to allow honest industry experts a role in scientific peer-reviews of major policy initiatives. That could never happened, because our ruling elites decided that Congressional approval of the EPA’s corrupt ventures would undermine the shadowy Off-Budget-Enterprises being operated by members of the intelligence agencies. Prior to 9-11-2001, the biggest news story being manipulated by Fake News outlets was the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001, which had driven up electricity rates on the West Coast by 50%. That fiasco was caused by an epidemic of phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” by utility bosses, that resulted in the Recall of California’s Governor Grey Davis for his role in that two-year long crime spree. Which didn’t actually end the corrupt practices of the Enron Earth Day crowd that were pushing for the creation a global Clean Energy Economy, in which their pals would get exclusive marketing rights for EPA product lines. In September of 2003, Gray Davis secretly signed on to the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative two weeks before being permanently removed from office by a recall petition of the people of California. That phony West Coast Governors scam claimed those three Democrat governors had to take action, after the US Senate’s nearly unanimous rejection of the Kyoto Protocols. Which had been studied extensively by Senate staffs, that determined the UN’s plan was bad policy for the USA. The media had to bury that story twenty years ago, to hide the fact that the EPA and the Dept of Energy had abandoned efforts to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) through conservation of resources, and were now in the business of making money from carbon-credit trading monopolies that allowed large businesses to continue polluting under the guise of Virtue Signaling activities.

In 2003, the DOE created the Office of Electricity to address cyber-security issues related to the protection of our National Electrical Grid, which under the Obama/Biden regime then morphed into a system offering $3.4 billion in matching funds to private entities to help industry develop advanced technologies that are now keeping the lights on reliably and efficiently and reducing cost, after the Energy Dept spent over $31 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. By 2022, the Office of Electricity had produced a Smart Grid report, which spoke about a Grid Modernization Initiative conducted by a consortium of US National Laboratories and partners (GMLC). That financial sink-hole was described by DOE as recognizing regional differences and will strengthen regional strategies while defining a diverse and balanced national strategy. Which was pure Orwellian double-speak, that had nothing to do with securing our National Electrical Grid from cyber-attacks by hostile actors.

While the media buried the West Coast Governors scam, the academic community pretended as if it was a legitimate initiative being acted on nationally. When in reality, it was restricted to small groups of political insiders utilizing the Poised For Profit reports produced by Climate Solutions, a radical non-profit group brought in to operate the Harvesting Clean Energy program in industrial facilities and corporate farms of the Pacific NW. The Harvesting Clean Energy program was marketed as a search for cost-effective energy-efficiency technologies in the Industrial Sector, and offering assistance in overcoming the barriers to innovation created by utility bosses and bureaucrats. Except, the bogus technical reports produced by Climate Solutions were being utilized by the fat-cats at the Prosperity Partnership that had been secretly created in 2004 by WA Governor Gary Locke, two weeks after voters had thought they voted to elect a GOP underdog named Dino Rossi as their next governor. Eight months after the November election, a district court declared that the former WA Attorney General Christine Gregoire had won one of the most contested elections in history by 135 votes. Making AG Gregoire both the appointed governor of Washington State, and the defacto leader of the Prosperity Partnership and its Regional Economic Agenda to export clean energy technologies as part of a new Cluster Industry agenda. Americans weren’t allowed to know about that globalist agenda, because it involved smart grid research conducted by the federal laboratories, that contributed to the research that is now part of EPA’s Smart Home Energy Management System.

When viewing the South Korean President visiting Joe Biden, Americans should remember why 50 former intelligence bureaucrats would claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian propaganda scheme. That laptop computer was full information on the Biden Family’s foreign business activities, which often involved energy-related business with corrupt foreign governments. Those shady business deals may have included EPA products, whose motto “If its not ENERGY STAR, its not energy efficient” ensured that no private sector entity practicing Capitalism would ever get past the Marxist-oriented academics that have erected barriers to all honest business competition since at least 1992.


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