JUST IN: Is Tucker Carlson Being Intentionally Side-Lined Leading Up To The 2024 Election?

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by Heather Allen at 100percentfedup.com

A new report claims Tucker Carlson is technically still employed at Fox News despite his show being canceled. According to several Fox News employees, the news outlet may refuse to release Carlson from his contract. Carlson is currently under contract with Fox for another 18 months, ending in December 2024. Carlson’s weeknight show receives the highest ratings, while Dan Bongino, who also left Fox the week prior to Carlson, is a top-rated weekend host. At least three sources shared pertinent information with Matthew Boyle at Breitbart News under the condition of anonymity. Those sources familiar with the situation told Boyle that Fox executives are trying to keep Carlson under contract until after the 2024 election, effectively tying his hands so he is not free to work for another news outlet.

Boyle said two things became clear after he spoke to employees,

“Two things are clear from speaking to people who actually know what’s happening on the inside: First, the official narrative from the network is untrue.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, many of the leaks and speculation that have poured out in the past couple of days since the bombshell news of Carlson’s show getting canceled was announced are also simply untrue.

Carlson and Bongino are technically still under contract by the network. Bongino’s contract runs through the end of April, and Carlson’s through the 2024 general election. Both are, sources say, trying to negotiate exit packages—and even after they formally have those agreements in place, there will be non-disparagement clauses that prevent them from ever speaking the truth about this.”

Former Fox host Megyn Kelly also conferred that Carlson was still employed by Fox.

“Tucker Carlson hasn’t actually been fired,” Kelly said. “He’s still an employee of the Fox News Channel.”

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