NY Gov. Hochul Deems Gas Stoves Defunct

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by M Dowling at Independentsentinel.com

New York Gov. Hochul has deemed gas stoves defunct in all new buildings. She made a deal in Albany and claims this is to fight climate change. it also happens to align with the goals of the globalists in the World Economic Forum, the EU Commission, the UN, and other world organizations seeking power and wealth.

The pending budget deal mandates all new buildings under seven stories be fully electric by 2026, with larger structures following three years later.

Hochul is in your kitchen. Who knows where she’ll go next?

Governor Hochul says she’s not banning gas stoves since she’s grandfathering them. A 2022 state law signed by Hochul will ban the sales of gas automobiles by 2035.

Fossil fuels made up about 43% of the 10,014-megawatt hours produced in New York state in January compared to the 6% coming from renewable sources like wind and solar power that are supposed to replace natural gas, according to the U.S. Energy information Administration.

A New York City ban on gas hook-ups in new buildings took effect earlier this year for smaller buildings with full implementation by 2027.


The Rocky Mountain Institute, the Sierra Club, and other radical green groups are working successfully to ban gas stoves and other gas appliances in communities throughout the U.S. as part of an extremist move to implement a net-zero global economy by 2050.

They recently met to plan.

The agenda included “net-zero buildings” and “carbon pricing strategies,” including a carbon tax.

They strategized ways to make it happen at all levels of government.

“Eco-activist groups are the left’s best way to push unpopular climate and energy policies on the country, which is why they’re among the best-funded organizations in Washington politics,” said Hayden Ludwig, a senior investor at the Capital Research Center. “What’s frightening is that eco-activists are in the driver’s seat of Biden’s agenda, making climate extremism part of every federal agency’s priorities. That includes expanding the war on coal to a crusade against the natural gas heating our homes, fueling our stoves, and powering our electric grid. They’ve already gained victories in Massachusetts, New York, and California but won’t stop there.

The DOE plans to give homes and cars energy scores. It will determine their value and whether you can get a loan for them. They are beginning with small buildings and then large, and eventually your home. They’re already doing it in cities like Portland. Cars are also on the chopping block.

If you vote for authoritarian Democrats, this is what you get.

Hochul’s housing plan to urbanize the suburbs was struck down, but she promised to bring it back. She will make another deal with Albany in the one party leftist state.


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