AOC Is Proof That Our Higher Education Is in Total Disarray


by George McClellan at

Our system of higher education is in total disarray, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is proof of that! She’s a functional fool. It was explained to me as a youth that I should avoid offering opinions until I knew all the facts because it was always better to be ‘thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.’ Well, AOC just confirmed that — once again.

She came to Congress as an elected Representative from the Bronx, NYC, bearing as her credentials a vast knowledge of the human condition gleaned, we may suppose, from her short career as a bartender and pole dancer. She boasts of having a bachelor’s degree in economics, a subject of which she is demonstrably unfamiliar.

Actually, her history is not one of poverty and struggle but, rather, one of higher upper-middle-class privilege. The Bronx was never her home. Now, she opines on US Supreme Court decisions she thinks are wrong, not because she knows better but because they don’t fit her Leftist narrative. We can see the problem here; while she is undoubtedly schooled, she’s uneducated and basically doesn’t understand that the Supreme Court is a stand-alone separate branch of government, equal with the Congress and the Presidency.

Except for the US Senate’s role of “Advise and Consent” approving presidential appointees, including Supreme Court Justices, Congress has absolutely no say in what or how the Supreme Court Justices arrive at their decisions. The rest of us know, or should, that courts are to make their decisions based upon the law and tempered one way or another by precedents set by prior decisions, often wrong ones, made in the past.

Courts are not supposed to set laws simply to satisfy the fashionable social trends of the moment, like abortion pills to get around the Roe v Wade decision, transgenders in women’s sports, a violation of Title IX. It’s Congress’s job to make the laws, not the courts, and those laws Congress does make still must comport to the will of the Constitution.

In her mind, AOC believes that when a court “loses its footing, the institution must go.” That doesn’t apply, of course, to the near-useless institution that Congress has become, of which she is a squeaky part. It is her staunch opinion that: “At the very least, a court’s influence must be curtailed within the political system.” Well, that kills the Constitution right there, doesn’t it? But for the fool AOC, it removes all doubts. Instead of trying to sway public opinion, she expects the courts to “bend to the will of the state to prevent any loss of influence and make decisions that support the (Left’s) favorite political narrative.”

They would sing a different tune if Conservatives were the primary party of influence, wouldn’t they?

We’ve watched in horror, as the Dept. of Justice was turned into putty in the hands of more cleverer politicians than AOC, including the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies as well. But those agencies belong to the administration and happily do not share the status as an equal branch of government. Only the Supreme Court does, remaining strong and impervious to public opinion hence, their lifetime appointments which is the very point of the Supreme Court. It should not bend to what society wants, but interpret the law as it was written, not what AOC thinks it should be.

If it’s the people’s will, then it’s to the Congress that the people should petition through their elected representatives. That’s what makes America, for now, a Representative Republic, not a Communist dictatorship.

It is AOC’s “Twitter” opinion; it is “our constitutional duty to reign in and impeach Supreme Court justices for rulings we don’t like.” While she employs the Constitution, she fails to point out the section that gives her that authority. She’s taking aim at Justice Clarence Thomas, of course, the black-thorn in the side of Progressive’s stupidity.

AOC, into her second term, apparently hasn’t realized yet that she swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. If she doesn’t believe it, then she lied to her constituents. “The nonpartisan Center for Effective Lawmaking, a joint project by the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University, assigned legislative effectiveness scores to each member of Congress based on more than a dozen metrics, including the number of bills a lawmaker sponsored and how far each of those bills advanced through the legislative process. New York – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of the least effective lawmakers in Congress over the past two years, ranking 230th out of 240 Democratic members, a new study found.” How about that?

We now learn that AOC may have added thievery to her resume of political accomplishments, allegedly having stolen thousands of campaign dollars to supplement her personal lifestyle. The information comes from the Federal Election Commission, which reports more than $9,600 of credit card expenditures by the Congresswoman, unaccompanied by any information regarding the official purpose of the spending.

That’s a “no, no” for sure and a violation of Congress’s rules on ethical conduct. In short, it’s called stealing! In fact, she is being accused of 77 counts of illegal use of campaign funds and 99 counts of wire fraud. Sad, very sad. Can we expect the FBI to jump on this? Nah, don’t bet on it!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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