Remembering the Wisconsin 2011-2012 Leftist “Insurrection”


by William A. Jacobson at

Dems/Media Now Furious That State House Takeovers By Leftists Are Being Called “Insurrections”

Democrat/Leftist/Anti-Republican protesters have been taking over state houses and disrupting legislative proceedings multiple times in the past couple of months. It’s not like it’s a new tactic.

I’m so old I remember the insurrection against Scott Walker in Wisconsin during 2011-2012.

It was what I called Wisconsin’s Long, Strange Trip, on which we had exhaustive coverage:

Police insurrections.  Palace guards.  Catch a Senator contests.  Doctors behaving badly.  Massive national solidarity protests which weren’t.  Identity theft as political theater.  Shark jumping.  Legislators who run away to other states.  Bus bang bangs.  Protesters locking their heads to metal railings and pretending to walk like Egyptians.  Beer attacks.  Canoe flotillas.  (alleged) Judicial chokeholds.  Tears falling on Che Guevara t-shirts at midnight.  Endless recalls.  And recounts.  Communications Directors making threats.   Judges who think they are legislators (well, I’ll grant you that one is common).  V-K Day.  Hole-y warriors.  Cities named Speculation and Conjecture.

Windows were smashed to gain entry, as protesters pushed through police guarding the doors.

The capture and occupation of the Wisconsin State House was violent, it took over a legislative building, and disrupted legislative proceedings. The purpose was to replace the duly-elected Wisconsin government.

A Republican State Senator was chased down:

A bus carrying Republican legislators was attacked:

But Democrats and the media believe the term “insurrection” only can apply to the January 6 riot. (As before, my position is that the J6 riot should not have taken place, but it has been exploited by Democrats and the media who have lied about it repeatedly, including false claims that police were killed.)

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