Senate Hearing On Supreme Court Was “Bad Faith” By “Angry, Bitter Democrat Senators Who Are Furious” There’s A Conservative Majority

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by William A. Jacobson at

My appearance on Chicago’s Morning Answer: “They lost that fight, but they’re not giving it up. This is because they are furious that there is an institution left in this country. All the rest have been gutted by the left. There’s one institution that hasn’t been, and so they’re gonna take it down.”

I had the pleasure to appear on one of my favorite radio programs, Chicago’s Morning Answer with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson (no relation), to talk about the attacks on the Supreme Court.

The interview took place in the morning before the Senate hearings, but those hearings (which I watched most of) didn’t change anything, it was just people giving speeches with no new information. We also touched at the end of the interview upon the challenge by the Equal Protection Project of a program at Missouri State University that excluded white males.

Partial transcript (auto-generated, may contain transcription errors)

Proft (04:16): So the attacks in the direction of Justice Thomas and Justice Gorsuch, you know, have sort of no foundation, they certainly wouldn’t survive a motion to dismiss. This is an attempt to de-legitimize the court. It’s an attempt to stage a hostile takeover of the court. How do you view this coordinated effort against against the justices who are not nominated by a Democrat president?

WAJ (04:49): Well, it’s all of the above. It is an attempt by democratic senators and activist groups to de-legitimize the one institution they don’t control and are unlikely to control in the near future because of a six-three conservative majority. It’s completely bad faith. It is a continuation of the sort of a vile attacks that you saw against Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings, lie after lie, exaggeration after exaggeration. It’s bad faith, and people should recognize it for what it is.

The Supreme Court is not beholden to the Senate after the Justices get confirmed. They don’t like a Justice,they can not confirm that Justice. There is an impeachment process for Supreme Court Justices, but what the Senate doesn’t get to do is nitpick what the Supreme Court does. It has that independence. This is an attempt to intimidate and disrupt and I believe force out of office due to harassment of Supreme Court Justices by Democrats.

Amy Jacobson (05:59): I mean, just never in my lifetime or did I think that this would happen, that the media would try and smear Supreme Court justices. What’s the endgame?

WAJ (06:09): I believe the endgame is that the Democrats know that unless they can force one or more of the conservative Justices off of the court by making their life so miserable, by harassing their family, by protesting outside their homes, by inciting their lunatic followers to attempt to assassinate a Justice which happened with Kavanaugh, I think that the end game here is to free up one or more Supreme Court seats while Joe Biden is still in office, before the 2024 election, so that they can fill it. I think that’s the end game here.


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