Deep State Liar Bill Barr predicts ‘horror show’ if Trump re-elected. How many lies should we bother to listen to from him?



Bill Barr lied about the DOJ investigating voter fraud, then had the audacity to say in public, to hurt Trump, that ‘he saw no evidence of voter fraud. Imagine that one…. he doesn’t investigate in the first place. Lies about an actual investigation and then lies to the public to hurt Trump and do as the Deep State says.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr expressed his concerns about the potential re-election of former President Donald Trump, highlighting the lack of discipline and strategic thinking that could hinder his ability to effectively govern. Speaking at the City Club of Cleveland in Ohio, Barr referred to Trump’s presidency as a “horror show” when he is left to his own devices.

During the event, Barr responded to a reporter’s question regarding Trump’s fitness for office if he were to be elected again in 2024. Barr emphasized that despite one’s support for Trump’s policies, the former president himself would face significant challenges in executing and achieving them due to his inherent limitations.

Reflecting on Trump’s ability to implement policies, Barr expressed his doubts about Trump’s capability to execute the initiatives he promotes. He further elaborated on this point during an interview with TV host Geraldo Rivera, where he criticized Trump’s suitability for the 2024 Republican nomination.

In his address at the City Club of Cleveland luncheon, Barr emphasized that Trump’s policies might be appealing to some individuals, but the former president lacks the necessary skills and attributes to effectively execute and achieve them.

Barr’s remarks underscored the importance of not only advocating for policies but also possessing the capacity to strategically implement and realize them.By characterizing Trump’s potential re-election as a “horror show,” Barr sought to convey his concerns about the former president’s ability to govern without appropriate guidance and oversight. Barr’s comment underscored the potential consequences of Trump being left to his own devices, implying that it could lead to an inefficient and chaotic administration.

During the luncheon, Barr articulated his reservations when questioned about Trump’s fitness for office. Recognizing the significance of policy execution, he reiterated that Trump, despite promoting certain policies, would struggle to actualize them effectively. This evaluation of Trump’s capabilities emerged from Barr’s firsthand experience working closely with the former president during his tenure as Attorney General.

Barr’s critical assessment of Trump’s potential presidency indicates that he believes Trump’s abilities fall short when it comes to implementing policies and pursuing strategic goals. The former attorney general’s viewpoint highlights the importance of not only advocating for policies but also possessing the necessary attributes and skills to transform those policies into tangible outcomes.

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