Why Are Hollywood Spin Doctors Helping DOE Spend Their $62 billion Budget?


by Conor Coughlin.substack.com

The Dept of Energy has hired a Hollywood Super-Hero to help Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm hand over control of DOE’s $62 billion budget to the Biden regimes new Clean Energy Corp. This new video has a highly-paid actor pretending to be a smart intern, claiming the $62 billion sent by Congress to the DOE isn’t going to spend itself. The apparatchik needs you to believe that DOE is desperately seeking professional help, but not for their delusional policies. The goal of this Orwellian plan is to convince voters that the DOE can be trusted to provide unbiased information, but only if comes from an official EPA-approved Hollywood super star. The dumbest bureaucrats on the planet, have devised a marketing plan to promote a more equitable clean energy future for the American people. To truly understand the Orwellian nature of this new propaganda campaign, consider visiting the DOE’s Office of Science and read its mission statement. The DOE is the agency that turned science and logic upside-down decades ago, and the Office of Science is just one the many bureaus engaged in the manipulation of global energy markets through phony scientific research programs. The DOE claims they created the Office of Science after WWII, but records show the Dept of Energy was created in 1977. That thirty year discrepancy wasn’t by accident, it was very typical for this agency. It was designed to enhance the reputations of government employees that had worked on war efforts like the Manhattan Project, which politicians in the mid 1970’s told Americans would someday deliver a Peace Dividend. That Peace Dividend never materialized, but the research continued.

In reality, the new DOE campaign appears to be a continuation of the old Save Energy Now program, a $100 billion boondoggle that funded 200 “industrial assessments” by staff at major universities. The Save Energy Now scam had top universities seeking to assist EPA private-sector partners to make their industrial facilities more profitable and productive, by providing extraordinary access to our National Laboratories. Fake News outlets had to suppress all news on that fiasco, because not even the Pentagon generals would have considered spending a $100 billion on worthless “industrial assessments” to be a cost-effective use of tax-payer revenue. To be clear, that $100 billion didn’t buy any technology. US tax-payers bought 200 “industrial assessments”, which today are just as worthless as the FTX cryptocurrency that were used to influence the outcomes of recent elections.

Those DOE programs were allowing private-sector investors to make big-bucks off of back-room schemes tied to the EPA’s new Smart Grid product lines, as described in a 2020 Smart Grid report that was released in May of 2022 by the Office of Electricity. The Office of Electricity was created back in 2003, to protect our National Electrical Grid from cyber-attacks by hostile forces. The National Security mission of the Office of Electricity was real, but under the Obama regime the program was turned into a giant slush-fund for bureaucrats from the Intel Community, NGO’s and UN business-driven enterprises that could erect barriers to all other competitors. Under Obama, the DOE laundered hundreds of billions of dollars under the guise of Smart Grid applications, while supplying billions of dollars in matching funds to their private-sector partners that still remain unknown to the public.

Its important to understand, all of those programs were pretending to be legitimate business ventures that corporations anticipated achieving a return on their investments. If the program ends in abject failure, the matching funds provided to those large private investors ensured they lost nothing if a program went bad, because they would probably retained control over the carbon-credit market associated with the venture. Add in to that mix, the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines from 2009, that directed bureaucrats to claim ENERGY STAR products were saving 25% to 50% more electricity than similar products, creating a lucrative new commodity from imaginary energy-savings that are worth tens of billions of dollars annually. Anybody can confirm these claims by simply visiting the various new “Offices” that the Biden regime has recently placed online, as the Media-Entertainment-Complex scrubs the news-worthy articles produced by honest outlets.

This obvious double-standard has created major Conflict-Of-Interest issues for both the DOE, and the EPA’s new Smart Home Energy Management System, which is neither new or innovative. What is new, would be that ENERGY STAR ® is now the official brand of the WTO, UN, WEF and Communist China, despite the fact Congress never approved the EPA creating any For-Profit enterprises, or the invention of a multi-billion dollar commodity based on imaginary electrical energy-savings. Fake News outlets are suppressing that ENERGY STAR® “certified” Samsung, a South Korean multinational corporation as its first Smart Grid provider to market EPA-approved products thatsave energy, save money and protect the planet. There is no evidence to support that claim, but nobody in the DC Swamp cares about that fact. Their thinking about applying for a high-paying job as an intern for the Clean Energy Corp, and helping the DOE blow through that $62 billion pile of cash sent by Congress.


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