RFK Jr.’s Popularity Reminds Us That Democrats Endorse Conspiracies

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by Ari Kaufman at lidblog.com

The eye-opening level of support that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has received so far in the Democratic presidential race reminds us not only that many aren’t thrilled with Joe Biden but that the left still loves its lunatics. This early polling — at least for the one in five onboard RFK’s ship of fools — also debunks what being a Democrat became in the Trump era.

During the final years of the last decade, Democrat lawmakers arrogantly claimed to be the “party of science” and thus be trusted as experts to safeguard us through a public health crisis. If the facts of COVID-19 didn’t shatter this absurd presumption, RFK Jr. does.

Kennedy is a devout conspiracy theorist. His war against vaccines long preceded the mRNA shots that liberals have worshipped for nearly three years. He was a proponent of a notorious study that failed to establish a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and autism. Even as this was refuted, RFK Jr. remained unconvinced. He then persisted in aberrant claims that vaccines are how an “injectable chip” or “subdermal biometric tattoos” into their subjects.

In a recent interview, Kennedy’s half-baked views were censored by ABC News, ostensibly to protect the public from being exposed to his “false claims.”

The impulse to censor harkens back to the Trump era when disingenuous progressive hacks rendered judgments about assertions they had no business evaluating.

Now, the Democrats’ media allies must apparently shield us from the irresponsibility of one of their own since he’s enjoying a level of support.

So, the supercilious notion that liberals reject conspiratorial logic should be reevaluated now that the “party of truth, facts, and science” has an avowed conspiracy theorist gaining popularity.

Kennedy’s list of mentally unhinged statements is endless.

According to RFK Jr., his father was not assassinated by a Palestinian terrorist on live television — which even gunman Sirhan Sirhan admitted. No other conspiracy theories about what happened to Bobby Kennedy 55 years ago reached RFK Jr.’s hair-brained conclusions.

Kennedy once promoted an anti-science view that 5G cell towers are designed to “control our behavior” and called for the Koch brothers to be imprisoned “at the Hague with all the other war criminals.” As a true environmental nut job, he believes “corporations which deliberately, purposefully, maliciously and systematically sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty” and once called for jailing those skeptical of climate change hysteria.

He also dabbles in presidential election denial, accusing Republicans of engaging in “a wide range of illegal and unethical tactics to fix the election” in 2004.

Could some of these un-American rantings deter MSNBC and PBS hosts from deeming themselves members of “the party of truth”?


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