Democrats’ Differing Responses to Mass Shootings in Chico, CA and Allen, TX Expose Their Hypocrisy

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by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell at

National media and the Democrat Party are fixated on the mass shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas that left nine people dead, including the shooter. As our Twitchy colleague, PolitiBunny (The Foo) has pointed out:

She’s not wrong. The “powers” in the FBI are still refusing to release Audrey Hale’s manifesto, because the minute it was revealed she was part of the transgender community and identified herself on social media as a man, the narrative flipped from three children and three adults murdered at a Christian school to: How dare we paint the transgender community as rage-filled murderers?

Maybe stop acting as though you are rage-filled crazies and then we’ll assume otherwise.

In the Texas shooting, first 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia was a “white supremacist” and part of a right-wing hate group. His name, the fact that his parents could not even speak English, and the decidedly gang-aligned tattoos kind of said otherwise. Even the brain trust at The Spew View tried to spin that Blacks and Hispanics can still be white supremacist.


This premise, first started by the Washington Post is unraveling, as my colleague Brad Slager explained:

One day, the press will learn to wait for the facts before casting accusations, but at the Washington Post, it is not today.

As the news flashed about the horrific shooting that took place in Allen, Texas on Saturday, the Washington Post rushed out an early report on the incident. Although they had sketchy details regarding the shooter and what took place, one thing the paper was confident in reporting: the likelihood of the shooter being a white supremacist.

There appear to be too many things aligned to resist running forward with a narrative on this event: an AR-15 is said to have been used, the shooting took place in Texas, and the gun control messaging was all set to go. Finding out the killer was possibly also from a hate group would be just the icing the paper needed on this four-layer outrage dessert.

In systematic fashion, Slager tears apart the ridiculous narrative, as well as the allegiance to the narrative required to trot out this stuff with a straight face, and then do your darndest to make it stick. For Democrats and their acolytes, the narrative is all, as is their slavish allegiance to gun control.

Enter the idiots who pretend to represent California: Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and Reps. Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff. Newsom has been running a de facto presidential campaign for months, and is constantly focused on what is happening in every state that doesn’t have the name “California.” AG Bonta only loves California when he wishes to expose or sue its own citizens, and RedState has documented well the corruption and malfeasance of Lieu and Schiff, who slather after national attention with every media appearance and tweet, but only come to California to grift and raise campaign funds.


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