Senator Kyrsten Sinema Criticizes Lack of Preparation for End of Title 42


by Legal Insurrection Staff

Sinema discusses her apprehensions about the end of Title 42 in a recent Face the Nation interview, in addition to her criticism of the debt ceiling and the flaws of the two-party system.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona seems very worried about Title 42 ending this week. In an interview with Margaret Brennan from Face the Nation, Sinema didn’t hold back when discussing the administration’s lack of a plan for Title 42 ending, the debt ceiling, and more. She also shared her frustration with both parties. 

Sinema gave the best answer to Brennan when she started listing the plans from the administration to process migrants after Title 42 ends. “Well, these steps, which all have been announced in the past week or so, are helpful.” Sinema continued, “Having 1,500 troops along the U.S.-Mexico border is helpful. It is a border of over 2,000 miles though. So 1,500 troops isn’t gonna get the job done.”

Sinema also stated how concerned she was that the plans were coming together the week before Title 42 ends. “Just today, I was on the phone with a sheriff of Cochise County. He has gotten no information from the Department of Homeland Security of the federal government about what the flow is going to look like, about what they can expect for processing in terms of how long it takes to process migrants. He’s got no information.”

Sinema highlighted the problems we have with the debt ceiling. “The reality is the bill that Kevin and his colleagues passed through the House is not going to be the solution. The votes do not exist in the United States Senate to pass that. But what the President is offering is not a realistic solution either. There’s not going to be just a simple clean debt limit. The votes don’t exist for that. So the sooner these two guys get in the room and listen to what the other one needs, the more likely they are to solve this challenge and protect the full faith and credit of the United States of America. We’re on really shaky ground right now.”

Sinema and Brennan ended the interview by talking about elections and where Sinema stands on switching parties: 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you done with parties entirely? 

SEN. SINEMA: Absolutely. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Now that you’re an independent, you’ll never become a Republican?

SEN. SINEMA: No. I mean, I just, I’m laughing because I literally just spent time explaining how broken the two parties are. 


SEN. SINEMA: So you don’t go from one broken party to another. 


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