New Filing in Kari Lake Election Integrity Case


by Tracy Beanz at

There is a hearing on Friday in the Kari Lake Election Integrity Case to determine how the new action on the signature verification will go forward. This is being filed as a separate motion for relief from judgment.

New evidence shows Maricopa County falsely certified that it passed L&A testing and then secretly tested all of the tabulators on three different days. It also shows they KNEW that 260 of the tabulators WOULD FAIL on Election Day.

New evidence also shows that Director of Elections Scott Jarrett gave FALSE TESTIMONY at trial concerning the BOD printers failures that caused the tabulators to malfunction.

For these reasons (among others we will get to in a moment), Lake is asking for relief from judgment (basically a do-over) under Rule 60(b). If you have newly discovered evidence that you couldn’t have had in time for the previous trial or the fraud, misrepresentation, or other misconduct of the opposing party, you can request what Lake is requesting. And they sure do.

Expert witness Clay Parikh is back with more after doing a ton of due diligence and requesting public records etc. after the case was decided. Maricopa was forced to respond to those requests, AND data from the report (BOD Report) investigating the ballot on-demand printers were used.

The new evidence shows that Maricopa violated the law and did not do L&A testing on *any* vote center tabulators on Election Day. Further, after they certified they passed L&A on 10/11/22, they went on to secretly test all 446 of the vote-center tabulators on 10/14, 10/17, and 10/18, and KNEW 260 of them would fail on Election Day.

MORE: Jarrett LIED on the stand when he talked about the 19” ballot on 20” paper. I have been pounding this since day 1, but now we have more. Jarrett’s testimony that this occurred at only 3 vote centers and was caused by temporary technicians changing printer settings in an attempt to fix printer issues on Election Day IS FALSE.


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