Was The DOE’s Climate Energy Corps Designed To Hide Natural-Gas Exports?


by Conorcoughlin.substack.com

Did Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm create a new Hollywood propaganda campaign, in order to hide a crooked scheme to export Liquefied Natural-Gas (LNG) for the Globalist operating out of the World Economic Forum? Fake News outlets may want you to believe that DOE’s new Climate Energy Corps are reducing carbon-footprints to save the planet, but their Hollywood Super-Hero failed to disclose how the Obama DOE had paid 3rd party actors to produce reports on expanding LNG exports. The DOE commissioned NERA Economic Consulting to conduct a report on the Macroeconomics of LNG exports, in which its conclusions start by claiming “LNG Exports Are Only Feasible under Scenarios with High International Demand and/or Low U.S. Costs of Production Under status quo conditions in the world and the U.S.” That confirmed another third party study of how U.S. LNG exports could affect the public interest, but DOE made clear that was not a Dept of Energy product. The DOE would need to conduct its own review of that study, in order to bury the truth that the U.S. economy would suffer as a result of increasing LNG exports, as compared to a No Export scenario. The DOE knew that the incomes of large natural gas producers would grow from exports, but America’s industrial sector output and labor compensation would decrease. While one faction of the DOE was pushing to increase the export of our LNG, Energy Secretary Granholm had her Hollywood hero playing the part of a recruiting agent for the Association of Climate Change Officers. The ACCO is building an army of Certified Climate Change Professionals® trained in the Core Competencies of Climate Change Officials. God only knows what those Core Competencies have to do with rigging natural-gas markets.

DOE didn’t want to set the bar to high for joining their Climate Energy Corps, so they prohibited applicants from providing any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in their resumes. There is no need for Super-Heroes to provide a home address, Social Security number, date of birth or criminal history to get a job at the DOE, that might undermine the Inclusion and Diversity efforts needed to deploy solutions to the world’s greatest challenge. Which was to spend DOE’s $62 billion budget on dumb propaganda campaigns, before anyone in Congress realizes that the Obama regime had misappropriated tens of billions of tax-dollars designated for protecting our National Electrical Grid from hostile foreign powers. Instead it went into Smart Grid initiatives and reports that were buried deep within the dozens of new “Offices” created by the DOE, which the Biden regime has recently started releasing. Knowing that corporate journalist won’t expose the fact that the ENERGY STAR® brand is owned by a public/private partnership of the EPA. Not the American people.

The Climate Energy Corp is a division of a State-Owned Enterprise, financed by Americans without their permission. Even Homeland Security is assisting in recruiting for a two-year program that “will be instrumental in helping the Department adapt to our changing climate by providing hands-on experience and guidance to young professionals interested in climate adaptation and resilience,” according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. His open border policies to recruit new Certified Climate Change Professionals® was very beneficial, now that the Biden Family Business has waived those pesky requests for PII to get a government job. Abuse of the H1B worker visas wasn’t enough to build the army of Climate Crusaders® to save the climate, and DOE doesn’t want minor obstacles to slow down their recruiting efforts. Requiring ID to get a high-paying government job at the DOE is considered pure discrimination, which was obviously based on some outdated and silly right-wing regulations, like having to provide a home address or Social Security number.

That lack of transparency at DOE wasn’t limited to just the double-standards in LNG export policies, its also directly related to control over the “leasing” of Fiber Optic cable systems installed at tax-payer expense. In another DOE feasibility assessment of Publicly-Owned Fiber, under the section on Financial Matters, it was disclosed that under current law is that large Power Marketing Administrations of federal hydro-electrical power are required to deposit any receipts with the Treasury from revenues associated with third-party fiber leasing. That fact should be kept in mind when considering the censorship occurring on-line by Big Tech outlets, which are licensed by those same bureaucrats. The American people own the vast majority of those fiber-optic systems being manipulated, and that’s happening for the financial benefit of a select few bureaucrats, politicians and the Billionaires Club. Buried in all those DOE reports that have been hidden from the public, is the hard evidence that proves your political leaders have been lying about energy policies for decades.

In 2023, the DOE created its Energy Earthshots Initiative to pretend that its employees had a brand new mission, which was essentially just to rename the failures of the past for the next generation of robots working for the political machine. If you ever wondered why Progressives appear to have so many conflicting opinions on energy issues, its related to the multiple DOE policies that are being presented differently to each political tribal member by a certified government expert. At the DOE there appears to be a separate non-profit groups, NGO’s or third-party partners of the EPA to educate every segment of our society, and each is provided a different version of how energy works in that specific culture. The members of those green groups probably know the name of every Hollywood Super-Hero, but couldn’t identify a single private-sector investor with an ownership position in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® brand. That’s because their Globalist bosses are making really big bucks off the magical commodity of “certified” electrical energy efficiency. So don’t ask anything about that multi-billion dollar electrical commodity, or you will be considered an enemy of the state. The US tax-payers may have paid for that corrupt money-making enterprise, but its none of your business.

When earlier this year the EPA released a new Smart Grid product worth potentially trillions of dollars for EPA’s private-sector partners, the media dutifully censored the subject. The Smart Home Energy Management System had named Samsung, a South Korean multi-national as its first partner to supply EPA-approved products to save energy, save money and protect the climate, but you’re not supposed to ask how ENERGY STAR® determined those facts. Or what other Progressive products are being peddled by these private-sector actors in your name. Should it really matter if those players are defense contractors, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Tech or manufacturers of ballot-counting machines? DOE just wants you to know, you can trust ENERGY STAR® to provide simple, credible and unbiased information that any Super-Hero would rely on to make informed choices in their green business investments.


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