11 State Attorney Generals, Including D.C., Want Federal Action on Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves

by Mary Chastain at legalinsurrection.com

Wait a second. People like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (D-NY) told us no one is coming for our gas stoves! So did Chuck Schumer. Regulator Richard Trumka Jr. also said this.

The AP’s fact check said Biden’s administration isn’t taking our gas stoves.

What about the states? I guess they’re taking over since Trumka’s comments came to light a few months ago.

Maybe we aren’t conspiracy theorists. This is real life.

Eleven attorney state attorney generals, including the dude from D.C., want federal action regarding gas stoves. D.C. AG Brian Schwalb is taking the lead:

“The undersigned State Attorneys General of the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and the City of New York (‘States’) respectfully submit these comments on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (‘CPSC’) Request for Information on Chronis Hazards Associated with Fas Ranges and Proposed Solutions,” the AGs wrote. “The States support the CPSC’s initiative to collect information on the health hazards associated with gas stoves, to determine the best path forward to mitigate those harms and protect consumers. The States are particularly interested in measures that will reduce the harms associated with gas stoves due to their disproportionate impact on underserved communities.”

The letter pushes CPSC to develop performance standards.

But we’re not stupid. Just admit it. You want to ban gas stoves.

Why is New York involved? The state already banned natural gas hookups in new construction.

But it’s for the children! You don’t hate children, do you? Gotta pull at those heartstrings:

Living in a home with a gas stove increases the risk of asthma in children. Indeed, studies have shown that children living in a home with a gas stove are 42 percent more likely to experience asthma symptoms than children who live in homes with an electric stove. A peer-reviewed paper found that roughly 12.7 percent of childhood asthma (about on in eight cases) in the U.S. can be attributed to gas stove use. In addition to respiratory illnesses NO2 emitted by gas stoves can adversely impact neurodevelopment in children.

Schwalb cited a few studies, but how about the studies that show the opposite? This is from >Cooking fuels and prevalence of asthma: a global analysis of phase three of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC):

Findings: Data were collected between 1999 and 2004. 512,707 primary and secondary school children from 108 centres in 47 countries were included in the analysis. The use of an open fire for cooking was associated with an increased risk of symptoms of asthma and reported asthma in both children aged 6-7 years (odds ratio [OR] for wheeze in the past year, 1·78, 95% CI 1·51-2·10) and those aged 13-14 years (OR 1·20, 95% CI 1·06-1·37). In the final multivariate analyses, ORs for wheeze in the past year and the use of solely an open fire for cooking were 2·17 (95% CI 1·64-2·87) for children aged 6-7 years and 1·35 (1·11-1·64) for children aged 13-14 years. Odds ratios for wheeze in the past year and the use of open fire in combination with other fuels for cooking were 1·51 (1·25-1·81 for children aged 6-7 years and 1·35 (1·15-1·58) for those aged 13-14 years. In both age groups, we detected no evidence of an association between the use of gas as a cooking fuel and either asthma symptoms or asthma diagnosis.

Interpretation: The use of open fires for cooking is associated with an increased risk of symptoms of asthma and of asthma diagnosis in children. Because a large percentage of the world population uses open fires for cooking, this method of cooking might be an important modifiable risk factor if the association is proven to be causal.

Then the AGs rant about ventilation. Um, who doesn’t ventilate when they’re cooking, whether it’s with electric or gas? You need that ventilation whether you have electric or gas. I don’t know who doesn’t use the ventilation when they’re cooking because that steam and smoke can get annoying!

They mention recirculating ventilation hoods like they’re evil. Except the hoods have filters and clean the air before going back to the house:


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