Doug Casey on the Growing Wave of Corporations Committing Suicide


by Doug Casey at

Recently, several large corporations have made self-destructive moves.

A prominent example is the Bud Light marketing fiasco which saw year-over-year sales plummet 17%. As a result, Bud Light’s parent company lost nearly $5 billion in market cap around the same time.

It should have been obvious that Bud Light’s marketing program featuring a trans activist wouldn’t go over well with its customers. Yet, they went ahead anyways.

What is your take on this?

Doug Casey: It’s shocking that a tiny percentage of the population has such an outsize influence in all areas of life. LGBTQ+ wield power not just in academia and the media but in business and corporations.

What’s amazing is not only the tiny number of people LGB-whatever represents but the fact that many or most of them are highly neurotic. Some of them appear to be psychotic. They have severe psychological problems, yet they’re being held up as models to influence other people. The fact that the suits who run major corporations go along with the ridiculous charade proves that not only do they have extremely bad judgment, but they’re despicable cowards.

The founders of great corporations wouldn’t have put up with this bizarre nonsense. They were entrepreneurs with ethics and courage. But corporate suits are just managers who don’t want to jeopardize their gigantic salaries and huge stock options by running counter to whatever seems to be the fashionable meme of the month. Way too many top managers are beneficiaries of the Peter Principle—or just competent self-promoters.

And it’s not just the corporations; the US military has fallen into this psychological pit as well, kowtowing to these insane activists. You have to love the US Navy’s campaign to recruit gay sailors. It’s as if they’ve chucked “Anchors Aweigh “for the Village People’s “In the Navy.”

It’s further proof that the country is dividing in many ways. And as I’ve referred to in the past, there’s some indication that an actual civil war is brewing in the United States.


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