BREAKING: Now Florida Department Of State Denies Having Election Reports That Appear To Prove Election Fraud


by Staff Writer

Activist Chris Gleason requested machine election reports from the Florida Department of State multiple times, that are required to be provided by the Florida constitution to Florida citizens. He just received a response stating the Florida Department of State does not have machine election records.

This reply does not appear credible.

You can read the email response below and decide for yourself.

From Christopher Gleason

Friday, May 12th, 2023 at 5:25 PM

To Public Records

This is my 4th attempt to obtain data, reports and records pertaining to official election results that you are required to be record keepers of.

Please add the .pst email files for the following individuals within the Florida Secretary of State office.

Cord Byrd

David Chappell

Brad McVay

Colleen O’Brian

Laurel Lee

Additionally as previously requested:

Please proceed with the request.

I am requesting the “OFFICIAL RESULTS” for all counties.

Am I to understand that your office is claiming to not be in receipt of EL45A, Election Summary Reports for the counties that use ES&S?

Am I to understand that your office is claiming to not be in receipt of EL30A, Election Summary Reports for the counties that use ES&S?

Are election and canvassing results reported to the state by the counties via the EL45A, EL52 and EL30A reports generated using ES&S and the comparable reports generated using Dominion.

It is my understanding that these reports are transmitted to the Secretary of State electronically in .LST file format.

If there are no “responsive records” to my request please elaborate how the “Official Results” are transmitted from the Supervisor of Elections offices to the Department and what data format that they are generated, stored and transmitted in.

Please provide the documentation for this process in .pdf format.

I look forward to your response.

Warm regards,

Christopher Gleason

n Fri, May 12, 2023, 4:31 PM Public Records <> wrote:

Dear requester,

As advised previously, the Department of State is not the custodian of the following records and, accordingly, does not have anything responsive to this portion of your request:

EL45A Report

EL 30A Report

EL52 Report

As to the other portions of your request, we need to confirm what you are seeking when you say “I am requesting the “OFFICIAL RESULTS” for all counties.”

Official election results per county are available on the Division of Elections website at the following link:

However, if this is not what you were asking for, please advise if your request was in reply to the Department’s request for clarification concerning your previous request for “Canvass Reports.” If you are requesting the Official Canvass Reports for each county for the 3 referenced general elections please advise and we will review and advise as to how said records may be produced.


Office of the General Counsel, Public Records


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