Kim Gardner’s final act in office, refusing to prosecute a crime caught on video



St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner recently announced she would resign from office on June 1. That brought a sign of relief from many but not from Attorney General Andrew Bailey who’d been suing to have her removed from office. Bailey said that June 1 wasn’t good enough and added that his lawsuit against her would continue unless she resigned immediately.

That seemed a bit harsh. After all, what could happen in her final few weeks in office?

The day after Gardner announced her resignation was May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. The following day, Saturday May 6th, there was a Cinco de Mayo parade held in St. Louis. Lots of people, lots of drinking and at one point some people in the street got into a fight. Two people watching the fight from the sidewalk pulled out guns and started shooting.

As the party on Cherokee street was winding down, gunfire broke out at about 7:30 p.m. on Saturday.

According to police, a man was grazed in his upper thigh and a woman was shot in the leg. Both victims were taken to a nearby hospital and are in stable condition.

An investigation found the victims were watching some men fight from an intersection when one of the suspects started waiving a handgun. The two shooters, a man and a woman, were quickly identified because there was video showing them pulling out their guns and opening fire. Police released a bunch of images and asked the public for help identifying them.

As you can see from the update, they were both arrested. The female suspect was 33-year-old Amber Booker. Police were asking Gardner’s office to charge here with two counts of first degree assault plus two more counts of armed criminal action.

But this is where the case took an unexpected turn. For reasons that still aren’t clear, Booker was released from custody Wednesday. Kim Gardner’s declined to file any charges against her citing lack of evidence.

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