Report: Russian Missile Strike Destroys MASSIVE Stockpile of NATO Depleted Uranium

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Video footage captured the massive explosions of a Russian strike on a Ukrainian weapons depot, where Ukraine was reported to be storing depleted uranium shells supplied by NATO. The shells, which were sent to Ukraine to attack Russian tanks, are radioactive and known to cause massive outbreaks of cancer and birth defects while turning the places where they’re detonated into a wasteland.

According to statements from the Russian military, the May 12th missile and drone attack destroyed an ammunition stockpile depot and a flight hangar at the Starokostyantyniv Airbase in the Western Ukrainian city of Khmelnytskyi. Ukrainian military officials have confirmed that the attack took out “critical infrastructure,” but have stopped short of admitting that the strike took out a massive stockpile of depleted uranium munitions supplied by NATO.

“Some sources, with a high degree of certainty, report that the recent Russian strike on a military target in Khmelnytskyi hit a very large stockpile of depleted uranium ammunition,” reported @onlydjole, a Serbian Twitter account that shares updates on the Russo-Ukrainian War from on-the-ground sources.

In video footage of the explosion posted by @onlydjole to Twitter, a massive mushroom cloud resembling those seen in nuclear strikes rose from the munitions depot as the apparent stockpile of depleted uranium shells exploded.

Additional reports corroborate the claim that a massive depleted uranium stockpile had detonated by examining gamma radiation levels recorded in the area.

“A clear spike in gamma radiation was detected in Khmelnitsky[i] on or about May 12th, with emission continuing to rise the following day and remaining at the elevated level thereafter,” research by Gleb Georgievich Gerasimov revealed, adding that the finding “indicates that there was [a] very large stockpile of the DU munitions that was destroyed, raising the uranium dust into the air.”

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