CCP TikTok Censors Durham’s Trump-Russia Report – And Bans Tim Cramer’s Account After Posting TGP-Tim Cramer Report on Democrat Donation Harvesting in Indiana

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by Jim Hoft at

Earlier today The Gateway Pundit and Indiana media producer Tim Cramer released video proof of Democrats caught in a massive donations harvesting scheme involving tens of thousands of ActBlue donations by retired Hoosiers.

This Democrat donations harvesting has been taking place around the country and involves millions of dollars in donations.

Following our report this morning the CCP TikTok removed Tim Cramer’s account.

Tim Cramer had 56,000 views on his donations harvesting report. TikTok took his account down.

Later this afternoon news broke on Special Counsel John Durham’s final report exposing the coordinated lies by Democrats, the legacy media, and top US intelligence officials in their attempts to remove President Trump from office over Trump-Russia collusion. The entire narrative was a lie created by Hillary Clinton and her campaign and the FBI and DOJ knew this from the beginning.

The CCP TikTok censored content on John Durham’s findings implicating Democrats, the media and the Deep State.


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