Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Gets Exposed as ‘Conflicts of Interest’ Hypocrite

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by Stacey Matthews at

“@SenWhitehouse attacks Supreme Court Justices on alleged conflicts of interests, but he’s taken significant action to benefit Ocean Conservancy (@OurOcean), where his wife has worked … as Marine Spatial Planner & been paid $2.4 million. Interactions are troubling.”

Despite their repeated claims over the last several years that Republicans are dangers to America because of their supposed attempts at “undermining our democratic norms” and delegitimizing “our sacred institutions,” it is Democrats who have absolutely been the worst offenders on that front, as most recently demonstrated by their coordinated attacks on the conservative Supreme Court Justices, falsely accusing them of “conflicts of interest.”

One of the most prominent Democrats leading the radical left’s fight to delegitimize the Supreme Court in its current form has been Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), who not only continues to keep hope alive that one day he’ll finally get Justice Brett Kavanaugh impeached from the Supreme Court but who has also literally threatened our nation’s highest court with political retribution if he didn’t get his way on a Second Amendment case they were hearing.

Whitehouse has gone from pathetically grilling Kavanaugh on a high school yearbook fart joke and attacking Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni over her conservative political activism (falsely accusing her of “a role in the insurrection“) to using conveniently timed hit pieces on Clarence Thomas to push Joe Biden’s Dept. of Justice to investigate Thomas for “potential violations of the Ethics in Government Act,” citing supposed conflicts of interest and failure to disclose.

The problems with Whitehouse’s push for DOJ action on Thomas are twofold. Firstly and most importantly, the “conflict of interest” and “failure to disclose” claims against Thomas are false, as the Wall Street Journal documented in detail herehere, and here.

The second problem is that Whitehouse, not surprisingly, is a “Rules for Thee” Democrat, believing the rules should apply to everyone else but not to him, as explained by Thomas biographer and friend Mark Paoletta in a recent thread:

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