NBC News Dragged For Hiding Sexually Explicit Details In Book Taught To Middle Schoolers

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by NICOLE SILVERIO at dailycaller.com

NBC News quietly left out sexually explicit details contained in an “LGBTQ-themed” book initially available for middle school students in Illinois.

Parents filed a police report against Sarah Bonner, a teacher who introduced her students to Juno Dawson’s “This Book Is Gay,” which is labeled as an informative ““instruction manual” for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ, NBC News reported. NBC News, however failed to mention the sexually explicit details in the book, which described sexual positions and defined terms such as “gender queer,” making the teacher appear to be the victim.

The book includes a chapter on how to consume semen during oral sex, how to insert things into the rectum, sex parties and bathhouses, and several kinks and fetishes such as eating poop, according to photographs.

A page had a list of terms that define the eating of poop, “rimming,” lube, an orgy, and some sex toys. It also defined certain hook up apps, such as Grindr.

Rather than mention the explicit content of the book, NBC News published a piece about how Bonner—who exposed this content to her students—is attempting to include “a diverse library of texts.” It covered the number of pornographic books banned from schools throughout the U.S., without any mention of the books’ content.

Bonner resigned from the school after the police report, lamenting how she “couldn’t be the professional I’ve worked hard to be,” the outlet reported.

The outlet came under fire for hiding the pornographic details of the book.


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