Its Time To Shine Some Light On Biden’s Bogus Certified Climate Change Professional® Scam

Joe Biden Smiling

by Conor Coughlin

When Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was caught scheming with a radical environmental group to ban the use of natural gas appliances, no one was considering the Obama-era decision to dramatically increase Liquid Natural Gas exports. Dept of Energy officials knew that action would hurt America’s economic interest, because they had commissioned NERA Economic Consulting to conduct a report on the Macroeconomics of LNG exports. That report confirmed another 3rd party report on increasing U.S. LNG exports, which had determined that a few large natural-gas producers would prosper big-time, while undermining our industrial sector output and reducing labor compensation. Rather than following the science, DOE decided to make up some new science for the private-sector investors in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program. The EPA ENERGY STAR® brand is a government-backed symbol for a public/private partnership that is marketing a unique EPA commodity of “certified” energy-efficiency as product, which is utilized by DOE’s new Clean Energy Corp. Americans can’t be allowed to know the names of those private-sector investors, or challenge the integrity of the math or science that was selected as the sole source of government “certified” clean energy for the Paris Climate Deal. Only an ordained Certified Climate Change Professional® trained in the principles, policies and procedures of a Certification Agent (CA) could possibly decipher the sacred scientific scriptures crafted by zealots for GAIA, goddess of global green-washing schemes. Which may explain why the Deep State apparatchik sought to suppress all honest dialog on the bureaucrats banning natural-gas, while the EPA was releasing a new Smart Grid product line that could be worth potentially trillions of dollars for the private-sector owners of ENERGY STAR®. Silence is golden for the media when it relates to government green.

The EPA’s new Smart Home Energy Management System provides the perfect example of why Fake News needed to suppress information on their globalist product lines. Americans would never voluntarily purchase that corrupt Smart Grid product, so it must be mandated for use without their knowledge or consent. The same Intelligence Community leaders that claimed Hunter Biden’s lap-top was part of a Russian disinformation campaign, also over-saw the peer-review process for the science behind the EPA’s brand of cost-effective products and services. You’re prohibited from knowing the names of the private-sector owners of the ENERGY STAR business line, but required to pretend that they wouldn’t turn their Smart Grid technology into a tool for spying on Americans. When the EPA claims that ENERGY STAR® is providing simple, credible and unbiased information that customers rely on to make informed choices, they’re not talking about the average citizen. No amount of Orwellian double-speak can overcome the fact, DOE views the thousands of industrial, commercial, utility, state and local organizations that rely on the EPA brand to deliver cost-saving energy efficiency solutions as their customers. Except this group of Stakeholder customers are benefiting from corrupt policies like the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines, that directed bureaucrats to estimate that ENERGY STAR® products achieve 25% to 50% greater electrical energy-savings than similar products. An easily provable lie! Pundit don’t care if there is a legal definition for that government-invented product, a technical description on how it works, or a mathematical formula to calculate the extraordinary electrical energy-savings claimed by the EPA. They can simply claim its none of their business, so its none your business either. State-owned media isn’t going to inform the public about the double-standards in the hiring process for DOE, because the average American isn’t supposed to know that the Core Competencies of their Certified Climate Change Professional® are designed for the benefit of their corporate environmentalist pals.

These corrupt policies make a mockery of our Uniform Commercial Codes, that were organized to provide a uniform set of laws for conducting commerce across the United States of America. As globalist in the DC Swamp are pushing for a Universal Commercial Code that is the exact opposite of our UCC, where each nation/state must conform to laws that benefit its largest Stakeholders, and are enforced in any manner the elites see fit. It was once estimated that real energy-efficiency in the electrical sector would grow into a $200 billion annual marketplace, from the sales, installation and maintenance of advanced technologies by true professionals. That fact was known to the officials at the Office of Electricity, that was originally set up to address cyber-threats to our National Electrical Grid from foreign actors. Then hundreds of billions of our tax-dollars went toward Smart Grid research to protect the national security of America, that somehow resulted in the selection of a foreign multi-national corporation as the first vendor for a Smart Grid system peddling EPA-approved products for their own ENERGY STAR brand . The government-funded research that turned EPA “certified” energy-efficiency into a commodity more lucrative than FTX crypto-currencies, is now being used by the bogus DOE front-groups pretending to be savvy entrepreneurs.

Voters need to keep those corrupt policy initiatives in mind as they consider the Durham Report, which clearly describes how the FBI and DOJ used the Crossfire Hurricane investigation to rig elections on behalf of Democrat candidates and campaigns. Multiple US Attorney General’s played a major role in protecting the Clinton, Bush, Obama and Biden family businesses, and may have acted under “color of authority” when keeping several criminal investigations secret from the public. The Durham Report represents the type of ‘White Wash’ the public has come to expect from career DOJ prosecutors, that appear to be more concerned about protecting the fragile feelings of government Certified Climate Change Professional® clowns, than fighting real crime.


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