Oppressed Person Demands $3 Million Apiece Reparations


by Wiggins and Chris Neilson via moonbattery.com

If only we could lock in the $1.2 million per black person that California is proposing. The cost of “reparations” is rising faster than Biden’s inflation. A local resident addressing the Tampa City Council demands $3 million apiece:

“All this nonsense, homelessness and all this other garbage you all talk about. Police violence and all this stuff — don’t nobody care about that,” the man said.

The Democratic Party — which relies heavily on the support it receives from the overwhelming majority of blacks — may as well stop posturing on unimportant issues. Here’s what they do care about:

“We care about our reparations. And we have to put White people on notice that we want our reparations.”

What does it matter if their pathological greed collapses the entire economy? America is racist anyway; it deserves to perish.

“We want our reparations. $3 million per person. $3 million per person right here in this city. That’s the only [thing] Black people have to care about. All this other little nonsense… we do not care about.”

No need to prop up Biden’s corpse in 2024. Democrats can run this personification of their base:

Federal lawmakers are at work to meet these demands. Rep Cori Bush (D-MO) held a press conference Wednesday to announce her Reparations Now resolution. She says minimum payout should be $14 trillion.

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