White House Official: Biden’s Migration Is an Economic Strategy

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by NEIL MUNRO at breitbart.com

A senior official in the White House says President Joe Biden’s immigration policy is intended to fill new jobs in government spending programs, high-tech firms, and a growing economy.

“We are creating new jobs this year as we’re breaking ground on key infrastructure projects under the President’s bipartisan infrastructure law, the CHIPS and Science Act, [and] new green jobs as we implement the Inflation Reduction Act,” said Katie Tobin, the senior director for transborder security on the National Security Council, adding:

As our economy grows, we need workers that we just don’t have enough of. So it is in our interest to bring people in and to stay competitive globally.

“In closing,” Tobin said on May 15, “the Biden-Harris administration appreciates both the moral responsibility and the strategic opportunity that migration presents — it’s at the heart of our domestic and our foreign policy agendas.”

Tobin’s stealth policy of government-accelerated economic migration could be described as Saudi-style migration,  corporatist migration, or perhaps the “Any Willing Worker” strategy pushed by George W. Bush in 2004, said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. He continued:

The federal government is basically serving as a staffing service for American corporations … This administration is clearly rooting for large corporations, the Chamber of Commerce, and employers who don’t want to raise wages, at the expense of ordinary workers. That’s a choice, but it should be made clear what they’re choosing and whose interests they’re serving.

Tobin is a former D.C.-based official of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She spoke at a May 15 event at the investor-run American Enterprise Institute.

Tobin’s admission that migration is being used as a government economic strategy is starkly different from the establishment media’s coverage of migration as a chaotic humanitarian problem

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